Build a business website of any type with Drupal

Build a business website with Drupal: discover the types

Businesses are different, and so are their websites. Each of the types of business websites has its own recommended features, specific design tweaks, and more. But there is something that unites them all!

First, regardless of the type, the decision to build a business website in the digital era is extremely beneficial. Next, there is an enterprise-level CMS that is able to meet the needs of all categories of websites. Its name is Drupal.

In this post, discover more about the different types of business websites that can be built with this CMS. If this inspires you for creating a website for your business, never hesitate to hire our Drupal agency, which has affordable web development prices.

Why build a business website?

There are plenty of reasons why your business needs a website, but any doubts about it are melting away with every day of the digital boom.

Even the sad events such as the Covid-19 quarantine add to the increasing speed of digitalization. They show the whole world how important it is to be represented on the Web where plenty of prospective customers are surfing. The online business trends will continue ever after the sad story is over.

Meanwhile, let’s outline a few ways in which you benefit from building a business website:

  • you expand your reach with no geographical boundaries
  • you shape and promote your brand
  • you attract, engage, and convince your customers
  • you deliver your message via the design and content
  • you make your business known through search engines
  • you get to know your customers through marketing tools
  • you are available 24/7
  • you benefit from online sales or other transactions
  • and so much more

Key types of websites to make with Drupal

First of all, we want to emphasize that it’s possible to create a business website of any type with Drupal, with no exceptions. Drupal has a multipurpose, well-picked set of core modules, and any others can be added like pieces in a Lego set.

There are many thousands of contributed modules to extend a website in every area of its work. Finally, Drupal also offers unlimited opportunities for developers in reaching the goals through custom code.

Build an e-commerce business website on Drupal

If you want to build a business site, choose Drupal and you will never regret it. Unlike purely e-commerce platforms with no content management system, Drupal provides exceptional opportunities for content-driven commerce. Drupal has a powerful e-commerce package called Drupal Commerce that is equipped with the coolest features. Integration with any payment gateways, flexible product management, opportunities for ultra-fast shopping carts are just some of the reasons to create an online store with Drupal.

International multi-domain store “JYSK” created by our team:

International multi-domain store “JYSK” on Drupal

Build a real estate business website on Drupal

Here is the next type of business website on our list that pairs perfectly with Drupal. It is clear to see that Drupal is a great choice for real estate websites. They can have attractive property object listings, responsive images that look great on any device, smart filtering and sorting options, integration with any real-estate APIs, payment systems, property management software, granular user roles and permissions, and much more. The popularity is proved by numerous examples of real estate Drupal websites.

Powerful real estate data and analytics platform “Gridics” created by our team:

Powerful real estate data and analytics platform “Gridics”

Build a university website on Drupal

More than 70 percent of top higher-ed websites are built with Drupal. This love is easy to explain. Drupal’s benefits for university websites include robust multisite opportunities for multiple departments, different user roles with flexible permissions (for students, staff, teachers, parents, etc.), multilingual features to attract international students, a mobile-first approach to engage the young audience, and so on. So you can easily build a university, college, school, or other education establishment site with Drupal.

The Maryland Global University website created by our team:

Maryland Global University website on Drupal

Build a fundraising website on Drupal

Next in our collection of different types of business websites are various fundraising and crowdfunding websites that help users raise money for specific purposes. They can be very interesting in terms of their functionality. The most popular features on them include integration with payment providers, flexible payment options, dynamic real-time notifications for users, flexible user management, mobile-first design, social media integration, etc. Drupal is the winner again in all these features!

YaWave crowdfunding platform created by our team:

YaWave crowdfunding platform on Drupal

Build a law firm business website on Drupal

If you want to build a website for your law business, Drupal can make a “lucky union” with i is a great choice. When searching for law firm services, potential customers extensively use search engines and read online content. Thanks to Drupal’s SEO-friendliness and handy content publishing, you will have a change to attract more users. Any third-party integrations, email marketing, user-friendly contact forms, live chats, and anything else a law firm website needs is easy to build.

LSC (Legal Services Corporation) website on Drupal:

LSC (Legal Services Corporation) website on Drupal

Build a healthcare website on Drupal

Businesses that need special responsibility deserve a reliable CMS to build their websites with. Sites of this type need security, granular user permissions and sometimes, two-factor authentication. Interesting features may include online appointment calendars, electronic signature, online messaging, various integrations, and more. Drupal can provide all this and more to healthcare websites.

The AttendingDR doctors’ portal created by our team:


Build a news and media business website on Drupal

Everyone who wants to build a publishing business website should consider Drupal’s benefits for news and media websites. They include easy content editing, the quick edit feature, Media Library, easy media embedding, multilingual capabilities, API integration, mobile-first design, and much more. With every new Drupal version, the focus on smooth and silky editorial experiences increases.

The FoxNews website on Drupal:

The FoxNews website on Drupal

Build a beauty business website on Drupal

What about the most beautiful industry? Of course, you can build a business website for beauty products on Drupal! Attractive presentation of images with image optimization, good filtering and sorting, e-commerce integration, smart search, easy content publishing for various beauty tips, videos, and blogs — these are a few of its great features.

The Lush beauty product website on Drupal:

The Lush beauty product website on Drupal

Build a website for business with the help of our experts!

As you can see, Drupal can build the best “digital home” for your business in any industry. However, this is only possible in professional hands. Combined with our affordable prices, it’s your best option to build a business website.

We will recommend to you the most reasonable implementation of your project in terms of the budget. Our experienced developers can deliver a better value in a limited time. The consultation is totally free, so contact us and let’s discuss how our website development team can help your business take wing!


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