How to Choose the Right WordPress Hosting Provider

How to Choose the Right WordPress Hosting Provider

Hello there, lucky owners of sites built on such a popular, lightweight, and incredibly user-friendly CMS as WordPress! You are in a good company, as you can see from these great WordPress site examples. Some of you are already happy because you like everything about your site. Some of you want some improvements on it (better performance, new features, bugs fixes, upgrades, and so on). But there is one thing you all have in common: you may be interested in good WordPress support and hosting services. The question is how to choose the right hosting provider for your WordPress website.

How to choose a WordPress hosting provider for your website

  • The provider should specialize not only on WordPress

It is best to choose a provider that offers many services under the same roof, like WishDesk, which has WordPress support, hosting, web development, SEO, and a lot more. Why does it matter? Let’s see.

The narrower the circle of experts who deal with your site, the more efficient the workflows are. Many tasks and processes are directly related to each other. Experts work in a tandem and synchronize their efforts, which is very beneficial to you.

Sometimes, your website needs the attention of various experts to discover the reason for errors and provide optimization. You cannot always predict from the start which services may be needed. And it’s convenient when they are all in the same place, so you do not need to look elsewhere.

Your own wishes and plans may also change. Today, you may be interested only in hosting, and tomorrow, you may decide to get new features developed — ok, easy!

  • The company provides a variety of services

One of the things support teams do is a migration between platforms. Maybe you want to move to or from WordPress to or from another CMS. In this case, it is important that your provider knows all the ins and outs of both platforms.

So it would be a jackpot to choose a provider that specializes not only on WordPress. Congrats, you win! WishDesk has developers working with WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Laravel, and other platforms.

  • Hosting provider offers advanced website protection

Have you heard that WordPress sites have weak security? Well, it is true only if the site is not treated right.

A good hosting provider offers advanced protection from potential hackers and malware, and does regular checks for injected code.

In addition, the support team can do a WordPress security audit and strengthen your site with reliable WordPress security plugins in lots of other proven ways. You can find it all here at WishDesk.

  • The company fixes small tasks

When it comes to website support, you often need small amounts of work to be done —some quick fixes, etc. However, not all support providers willingly accept tasks like this. WishDesk always welcomes tasks of any scope!

  • Support service accepts requests to perform critical tasks

There are situations when you require immediate help and will not take “no” for an answer, for example, when your website is down.

So choose a support service that accepts requests to perform critical tasks. WishDesk has this option for all customers.

How to choose hosting for WordPress website


You can stop looking for a support and hosting provider for a WordPress website, because it’s already chosen! Apply to WishDesk and see what your WordPress website is capable of.


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