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Ecommerce Color Palette. What should you know

Color is emotion! A site without a cool color scheme is like a person without emotions. We doubt that it will be interesting for you to communicate and deal with such a person — or such a site.

Therefore, in addition to providing quality products and services, pay your attention to the emotions of your site, that is, to the color scheme of your design. We believe that a color palette for an eCommerce site should be well-thought-out and consistent with current trends.

That is why today, we at WishDesk agency will cover the most necessary information you should know about the eCommerce website color schemes.

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According to “Impact of color on marketing” by Satyendra Singh

  • 85% of people confirmed that color affects their choices
  • 66% of people will buy products only if the product`s design has their favorite color
  • 26% of people respond more to color than black and white advertising
  • 80% of people recognize their favorite brands because of color

Do color schemes have meaning?

Yes, color schemes have a strong meaning! Remember that color creates an unconditional impulse to do something. You can maximize the benefits to your business by using colors competently.

Therefore, before choosing a color scheme for your e-сommerce site, you should investigate the hidden meanings of all colors.

Color meaning and symbolism


Red is the color that has the greatest power. It is the best color to attract attention.

It is associated with danger, extremes, maximum concentration of emotions, passion, and strength.

Red color causes emotions like:

  • worry
  • energy
  • ardor
  • courage
  • attention
  • aggression
 red color schemes for websites


This color is very "majestic." No wonder it is the color of Kings. As a rule, people associate it with something high, proud and spiritual.

Violet raises such emotions as:

  • spirituality
  • globality
  • depth
  • mystery
  • ingenuity
 violet website color schemes


Blue is the color of the sea, sky, and appeasement.

That is why it is used to emphasize that you can be calm and confident in the services and products that you receive.

Blue is used to stimulate feelings like:

  • confidence
  • responsibility
  • balance
  • seriousness
 blue website color schemes


The color green is soothing. Do you know why? Because it is associated with nature and dollars, and such things cannot help but reassure. Green is used to evoke feelings of:

  • harmony
  • recovery
  • reliability
  • intermezzo
  • sustainability
  • safety
 green color for website


Seeing yellow immediately brings to mind the heat, a surge of emotions and a large flow of energy. It is a color that represents freedom, getting rid of various restrictions and problems.

In e-commerce, it is used to inspire feelings like:

  • happiness
  • development
  • energy
  • fun
  • freedom
yellow color for your website


Orange is the color of pleasant excitement and thirst for new things. The color is associated with youth, energy, joy, and friendship.

Most often, it conveys such emotions as:

  • optimism
  • ingenuity
  • inventiveness
  • adventurism
 orange website color palette


"Looking at life through rose-tinted glasses" is probably the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to pink. Pink symbolizes femininity and frivolity and childishness.

The emotions that cause pink:

  • ease
  • carelessness
  • tenderness
  • daydreaming
 pink color schemes for websites


Black is the color of mystery, veil, and classicism. This color is both frightening and attractive. Black is used to show seriousness and confidence. Using black eCommerce sites want to provoke such emotions:

  • authority
  • mystery
  • restraint
  • control
  • responsibility
 black color schemes for websites


White is universal — and has only positive associations. It always inspires, helps, and instills a certain faith. This color evokes the feeling of:

  • renewal
  • restraint
  • help
  • purity
white website color palette


Gray is usually used by serious and conservative brands because it is a neutral color. You rarely see someone who loves or hates this color. Usually, those who prefer gray are guided by reason, not emotions.

Gray stimulates the emergence of such emotions as:

  • prudence
  • equilibrium
  • seriousness
  • conservative
  • melancholy
 grey color for your website


Brown color represents stability, devotion, and naturalness. It is generally associated with soil/land.

On eCommerce website is used to show:

  • stability
  • naturalness
  • seriousness
  • warmth
brown website color scheme example

How to combine colors to keep your site perfect

It is clear that you can not design of your site using only one color. At a minimum, you need to use 2 colors. There is a special color wheel to help choose which website color schemes work well. Below, we will talk about classic color schemes and about which colors combine better.

color wheel primer
  • Complementary color scheme

This uses those colors that are located opposite each other — for example, blue and yellow. One of them will be the main one and the other will focus on some details.

  • Analogous

This is a scheme in which colors are used that stand side-by-side. For example, violet and red.

  • Triad

Such a scheme means the choice of three colors standing equally spaced along a circle. For example, red, yellow and blue.

  • Split-Complementary

In such a scheme, two colors are used standing next to each other and a third, which stands opposite these two. For example, purple, orange, and green.

  • Rectangle (tetradic)

This scheme combines two pairs of colors that are opposite each other. For example, red and orange with blue and green.

  • Square

This model consists of colors in a  cross. For example, red and green, orange and purple.

Color schemes for eCommerce websites. How to choose the right one?

Now that you know how important each color is, you should concentrate on choosing your personal color scheme.

How to choose the right color schemes for eCommerce?

Consider 3 main points before choosing the color scheme of your eCommerce site:

  1. The scope of your business. For example, if you are focused on the sale of cosmetics, then you should choose more girlish colors, such as pink and purple.
  2. The effect you want to produce. If you are interested in stimulating people to impulsive shopping, then it is better to use bright colors, such as red.
  3. Your potential audience. Who are your customers? When designed a site, you should think about the gender of your buyer.

Get the best website color schemes for eCommerce

To create a harmonious and effective color scheme for the eCommerce website takes work, but it's worth it. Color is a subconscious way of conveying information. Be sure to use it!

If you feel that you need help in choosing a color scheme for your website, just contact our web design agency. We will accomplish your task twice as fast at an affordable price.


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