Content Marketing Trends to Keep in Mind

Content Marketing Trends to Keep in Mind

The main rule of content marketing: is the one who is a step ahead is successful. 

That is why you should always keep an eye on how the content marketing trends and Internet marketing are changing and develop your new strategies.

What does content marketing include?

Here are the best content marketing trends you need to follow:

  1. Short video content
  2. Live broadcasts and streams
  3. Podcasts
  4. Shoppable-content
  5. Voice-searching
  6. Personalization
  7. Chatbots
  8. Messenger marketing
  9. Interactive content

Below, our web development company takes a closer look what are content marketing trends.

Let’s get started!

Latest content marketing trends you need to look out for

Content marketing trend #1: Short video content

There is no need to prove that video is now the most popular format on social networks. However, not everyone is able to create long videos. Besides, the general way of consuming information has accelerated, so short videos in different formats have come to the rescue. 

Since the advent of Instagram Stories, they've evolved into new formats like TikTok and Reels. These content marketing trends are already showing their popularity, which can be judged by both the dynamic growth of content and the advertising activities of major brands on TikTok and Reels (MAC Cosmetics, NBA, Louis Vuitton, Sephora, and others).

Short video content

Content marketing trend #2: Live broadcasts and streams

Live broadcasts are watched three times more often than regular videos recorded in advance. Why? Users are captivated by the feeling of "involvement" in the events taking place here and now. The popularity of broadcasts is proved by Twitch's streaming platform, whose audience is growing every day.

Already today, 60% of users choose to get to know a product through video, rather than reading articles, reviews, or studying the product live.

For example, live videos can be a great marketing tool on Instagram or Facebook. Advertise upcoming live events ahead of time and promise your audience you will provide valuable information on the air. This could be a code for a discount or a prize draw among viewers.

Live broadcasts and streams

Content marketing trend #3: Podcasts

Podcasts have one significant advantage over other formats, as they can be used in almost any situation. People are increasingly listening to podcasts in the car, subway, or during their daily activities, so this content marketing trend is worth paying attention to now. They are also informative and entertaining and allow everyone to integrate relevant content into their everyday life. Products can be promoted through podcasts on platforms like Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or Soundcloud.


Content marketing trend #4: Shoppable-content

It all started with posts on Instagram, with information that allowed customers to immediately find out a product's price and go to the store. Now such shoppable content is taking over the Internet. This tool instantly creates a link between engaging content and sales. Such content marketing trends are often used by clothing brands, such as the French brand Sezane.

The H&M Instagram account went further: almost all of their posts make it possible to immediately determine the cost of the items depicted and continue shopping. In 2020, which has forced people to move to online shopping, this approach is especially relevant, and it is unlikely to change anytime soon.


Content marketing trend #5: Voice searching

Voice optimization is a technology that allows you to search the Internet by speaking. For consumers, this search method has ceased to be just entertainment - people are getting used to it and are increasingly using it in everyday life.

And although regular forecasts promising that voice search will outstrip and supersede text queries are not yet justified, there are an increasing number of people who like to chat with Alice, Siri, or ask Google a question out loud. It is vital to take into account their preferences and optimize content not only for text but also for voice search.

Voice searching

Content marketing trend #6: Personalization

With the emergence of more and more companies on social networks, users have become more selective about their content. As a result, social media introduced personalized feeds, and brands began to incorporate personalization into their social media marketing strategies to surprise and engage users.

Social media allows you to get large amounts of demographic data, previous purchases, and content preferences.
Based on this data, companies are already creating personalized ads, offers, content, and integrations, allowing the generation of personalized videos and photos with brand integration.


Content marketing trend #7: Chatbots

Audiences like to instantly resolve issues and receive feedback from a company or a seller 24/7. AI-powered chatbots capable of deep learning can develop dialogue, address past customer requests, collect data, analyze consumer needs and concerns, and naturally interact with a person to connect with a company or brand.

In 2020, even the World Health Organization launched a chatbot: a free service in English that provides information about the coronavirus and how to stop its spread.


Content marketing trend #8: Messenger marketing

One essential marketing task is to make communication between consumers and the brand as simple, accessible, and convenient as possible. A necessary tool for these remains instant messengers, which allow companies to find customers, keep in touch with them, inform them about new products and promotions, and receive feedback.

WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger are gradually transforming from applications for communicating with friends into content marketing trends. It is a communication channel between brands and audiences that you should take advantage of.

Messenger marketing

Content marketing trend #9: Interactive content

Placing interactive elements on your website or social media is a great way to increase visitor engagement, encourage them to engage with your brand, and learn more about your customers. Polls, quizzes, games, quizzes, and contests all involve the audience. Even a simple mortgage calculator on a bank or construction company's website allows you to keep a person on the website longer and learn useful data about him.

 Interactive content

Final thoughts

Now is the time to start planning your marketing strategy, if you have not already. If you want to increase website traffic and increase sales, it is worth considering all the listed content marketing trends to create beneficial, interesting, and engaging content that will win over an audience that is increasingly difficult to surprise. It is difficult but possible.

Our web development experts are ready to help you implement these content marketing trends on your site right now. All you need to do is contact us in a way that is convenient for you.


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