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How can you create a social network website with WordPress and BuddyPress?

Wordpress allows you to create social network websites and other types of websites.

If you have been working with Wordpress for a long time, you will know that it is a very convenient content management system. 

Below we will talk more about what BuddyPress is and how to create a social network website using it. If you want to get web developer help from Wishdesk, just contact us.

Create A Social Network Website Using BuddyPress for your Business

BuddyPress is a powerful plugin for the WordPress website that helps you create a social network website.

Perhaps your first thought is: “How can I use it for business?” or, "What good is this to me?"

We assure you that BuddyPress can benefit your business. Having a networking website and website for small businesses brings many advantages.

You can make a social media website with BuddyPress that unites the employees of just your company and allowes you to establish communication and cooperation between them.

It allows users to register, create profiles, chat, create groups, etc. BuddyPress is a set of plugins that powers the 8.1+ Million user profiles.


Why Create a Social Network Website Using BuddyPress?

According to BuddyPress is "social networking in a box". BuddyPress software package has the following features:

  • creating and editing profiles
  • adding a profile photo
  • setting up the parameter of the profiles
  • adding friends
  • sending messages
  • creating and adding groups
  • viewing recent activity on the site
  • creating blogs
  • holding discussions
  • leaving a comment and tagging others
  • creating a group within a group
  • collaborating with Google maps

and more!

Top 5 Benefits of BuddyPress

1. BuddyPress is completely free

Despite the fact that creating a social networking site with WordPress is free, the plugin is actively developed and updated. There is a large community that helps each other out.

2. BuddyPress can send push data to other social media platforms

Push data from BuddyPress can be sent to users' other social networks. For example, notifications from BuddyPress can show up on Twitter, Facebook.

3. BuddyPress has no limitation

The only limitation when working with BuddyPress is your imagination. You can add and remove any functions you want. It's like a thread with beads. The plugin perfectly adapts to the needs of your social network website.

4. BuddyPress is open-source

This means that anyone can develop it to make BuddyPress even better. Now you are not dependent on developers, because you can be one!

5. BuddyPress lets you control your users' ability

Give maximum or minimum opportunities for users of your social network site with BuddyPress. You can configure permissions as you like.

Building a Social Network Website with BuddyPress 

BuddyPress plugin installs like all other WordPress plugins — it’s not difficult. Below we will show you how to do this step by step.

BuddyPress install steps

1. Enter your WordPress dashboard. Click on "Plugins" to find it among all the others

BuddyPress install

2. In the search box, enter "BuddyPress"

BuddyPress install

3. Choose the first option and click "Install" and then “Activate Plugin”

BuddyPress install

Setting up Buddypress

As soon as you download BuddyPress you can start the settings.

You can edit 3 option:

  • Comments
  • Pages
  • Options
Setting up Buddypress

1. BuddyPress / Components tab

When you open the option for "Comments," you will see that there are two by-default components: "BuddyPress Core" and the "Community Members." All other components can be activated or deactivated.

 BuddyPress / Components tab

You decide which of these features you want to add and which you don’t. Depending on which social network site with BuddyPress you want and with which possibilities, you configure other components:

Extended profiles

This allows you to customize user-profiles and configure how their profiles will look.

Account settings

This allows you to change users' account settings.

Friend connections

This allows you to add friends as well as send, and receive requests.

Private messaging

This allows you to configure sending personal messages.

Activity streams

This allows users to see the activity of their friends — posts, comments, etc.


This allows users to receive quick notifications of any actions by your friends.

User groups

This allows you to configure the creation of groups.

Site tracking

This allows you to record your activity.

In the end, do not forget to click the "Save Settings" button.

2. BuddyPress / Pages tab

Next, you need to configure all the pages that will be available on your social network site. Almost all necessary pages will be automatically created except two. You must create 2 pages: 

  • a registration page
  • an activation page

To enable users to register, click on "Settings," then click on "General" and click "Allow."

To make your social media website closed, you should add new members manually and omit the previous steps.

To create a new page for registration and activation, open your dashboard, click on "Pages," then on "Add New." Name these two pages respectively "Registration" and "Activation." Do not fill out these pages, this will be done automatically.

After that, go to the "Settings" section, click "BuddyPress" and "Pages Tab." In the "Registration" field, select the pages you recently created.

In the end, do not forget to click the "Save Settings" button.

BuddyPress / Pages tab

3. BuddyPress / Options tab

The title speaks for itself. Here you can configure additional options for:

  • Profile
  • Groups
  • Activity
BuddyPress / Options tab

Set up them as you need. In the end, do not forget to click the "Save Settings" button.

Must-have WordPress Plugins for Extending BuddyPress social network site

In order for the social network site that you created using BuddyPress to be really interesting, convenient, and modern, you need to develop it. Below we will talk about 6 basic and necessary plugins for the BuddyPress site.

6 best Plugins for Extending social network site with BuddyPress

1. rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress

rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress

rtMedia is a great, complete solution for WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress sites. It is convenient and works on various types of devices.

Installation: more than 20 000  

Price: free/paid 

2. BuddyPress Docs

BuddyPress Docs

BuddyPress Docs is a plugin that allows you to make different variations to the documents on BuddyPress sites.

Installation: more than 10,000

Price: free

3. BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

BuddyPress Group Email Subscription is a plugin that allows you to receive notification of changes in a group activity. It works with BuddyPress Groups and BuddyPress Activity.

Installation: more than 6,000

Price: free

4. BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Field Types

BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Field Types

BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Field Types is a plugin whose main feature is the ability to add new types of fields to the user profile. For example birthdate, email, etc.

Installation: more than 5,000

Price: free

5. BuddyPress Registration Options

BuddyPress Registration Options

BuddyPress Registration Options helps to keep track of suspicious users. Its main task is to activate user moderation.

Installation: more than 4,000

Price: free

6. Custom Profile Menu for BuddyPress

Custom Profile Menu for BuddyPress

Custom Profile Menu for BuddyPress opens the door for creating custom pages on BuddyPress sites. This plugin has a simple and intuitive menu that makes it easy to work with.

Installation: more than 1,000

Price: free

Create a social network website with Wishdesk

Creating a social network website with BuddyPress is not very difficult, just a little troublesome for beginners. With BuddyPress, you can create a social network site of any size. It brings benefits to any business.

If you want to create a social network using WordPress, but feel that you can’t do it yourself, just contact Wordpress support at WishDesk. Our professional developers will do everything quickly, painlessly, and at an affordable price.


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