CRM: What is it and how can you use it for your company's growth?

The Guide to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and how CRM tripled one client's income

Unfortunately, today many people underestimate the possibilities of introducing a CRM system into a company. Regardless of the size of your business, CRM works wonders and makes it grow even faster.

If you start by manually controlling customer data, then it will be difficult to change. You will simply be forced to look for some alternative and a way out. If only you are not on fire with the goal to engage and develop your business seriously.

The Wishdesk web development company has created this blog so you can understand why you need a CRM system, what it is and how it works.We hope it will explain everything.

What is a CRM?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is software that works to make it easier, more convenient, and faster for all the departments of your company to work with clients — and accordingly increase your company's revenues. After all, customers are the most important thing for any business.

Often, all customer data is scattered across different departments, across different documents, and across different portfolios. And when there is a need to quickly navigate a specific client, it takes a lot of time.

CRM software is the way to conveniently store all this information so all members of your team will have access to it. The efficiency will pay off — statistics show more than 86% of customers are willing to pay extra for receiving a good customer experience.

CRM software facilitates smooth collaboration between:

  • various department of your company
  • sales
  • customer support
CRM software facilitates smooth collaboration between

How Does CRM Work?

CRM collects information from all possible sources in order to later provide you with complete statistics and shows a complete picture of how things are going. CRM allows you to automatically collect data about customers, recent communications, their latest activity, etc.

CRM software bases its data on:

  • your pages on social networks
  • your website
  • Gmail
  • calls

and all other possible sources.

CRM software is automating your sales and improving customer interaction.

It tracks and stores information about your customers' behavior and needs to optimize your website and build the perfect strategy for winning leads.

8 Building Blocks of CRM

  1. Information and Insight - collection and identification of all needed information
  2. Vision - predicting how the company will look like whenCRM is applied
  3. Metrics - summing up all the positive and negative results of CRM implementation
  4. Strategy - creating a strategy so that all existing resources are used and bring benefits and results
  5. Customer Experience - ensuring that all the measures taken will bring only the best experience for clients
  6. Collaboration - changes in collaboration within the company, as well as externally, in order to obtain the best results
  7. Processes - managing both life cycle processes and analytical data about customers, their preferences, etc.
  8. Technology - management of all systems, applications and information concerning the work of your company
8 Building Blocks of CRM

Who Should Use A CRM System?

CRM software is suitable for those who want to work and get more benefits from their business.

CRM is useful for:

  • marketing departments
  • startups regardless of industry
  • sales department, or anyone involved in the sale
  • B2B companies
  • support companies
  • non-profit organizations
  • volunteer groups
  • advertising agencies
CRM is useful for

And that’s just off the top of our heads. In short, CRM software is suitable for companies of any size and focus. This allows you to get flexible intelligence and simplify the implementation of a variety of actions. As a result, you get all the information you need about your business in one place.

Steps on how to Use a CRM

STEP 1 - Organizational changes

The system will not work on its own.  Each member of your team must understand what it is for and how it works. Show an example of how it works and how it makes their job easier.

2 STEP - Customize settings

No matter how versatile CRM software is, it needs to be tailored to your specific company. Customize the software to see the relevant information about how your potential customers can turn into real customers.

3 STEP - Import all previous data into the new CRM system

You 100% must have kept track of cases somewhere else before you started working with CRM. All preliminary data must be collected from different places and loaded into this software.

4 STEP - Integrate CRM software with other tools

All information will be grouped in one place and for one purpose. Integrating all tools with the new CRM will give you a complete overview of critical customer behavior.

5 STEP - Setting up the dashboard

Setting up a dashboard is important because it will show the statistics specifically relevant to you. If you need to increase sales of a specific product, you can create data for this product's reflected sales in previous months. Based on this data, you can see what needs to be changed and how to move forward.

6 STEP - Activate your team's periodic reports

You can enable daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports as needed. You won't have to search for all the performance data of your employees in different places, as everything will be clearly displayed in one place. The reports will create an atmosphere of friendly competition on the team. It will have a positive effect on business development.

What are the benefits of the CRM for business?

CRM system is an essential component for running a successful business and setting up good communication with clients. Let's take a closer look at what benefits the implementation of CRM will bring. Based on this information, you will understand whether it is for your business and company.

Top Benefits of a CRM:

  • Improvement of customer experience

By knowing typical customer behavior and preferences, you can improve their customer experience more quickly.

  • Improving the performance of team members

CRM integration shortens the time spent on administrative tasks, so your employees can concentrate on performing their primary duties.

  • Improved collaboration within the team

With access to all data, each member of the company will see the work of their predecessors and colleagues. This will improve their understanding of what stage the

work was completed at and what is required of them.

  • Increased income

Optimization of all tasks and the discipline of your workers invariably leads to increased sales. Your users are happy, which means they will cooperate with you and spend their money.

  • Getting detailed analytics

You already had some part of the data and analytics about your users. However, by integrating CRM, you gain access to more in-depth detailed analytics than ever before.

CRM implementation for a construction company by Wishdesk. Result: 3 times faster processing of requests

In our practice, we have already had more than one case of CRM implementation. If your site is on Drupal, we have a blog about CRM Platforms for Integration with

Drupal websites.Today we would like to tell you about one of the most recent implements so you can clearly see how it works and what it is for.

Our task was to implement CRM for a construction company.

The task of our web development company includes:

  • create a customer base
  • ensure the transparency of the work of each department
  • improve work with construction
  • automate the construction control process
  • improve and simplify communication within the company

The construction company got:

  1. customer base, the base of construction objects, the base of stages of work, and how these parts integrated with each other
  2. different access rights for different users
  3. performance indicators for individual construction projects that are displayed on the screen
  4. connection of communication so that the three divisions can communicate and work harmoniously
  5. online workflow feed
  6. information about employee performance on Gantt charts
  7. warehouse management module to put things in order at the building materials warehouse
  8. consultation on how to work with the program, including all the nuances

What advantages did the company gain from CRM implementation?

  • transparent reporting on the work of each object
  • 2 times faster work between a warehouse and suppliers of building materials
  • 3 times faster processing of customer requests
  • established communications between all departments and members of the company
  • weekly progress reports and overdue projects
  • transparency and online control over projects
  • 4 times faster preparation of documents for clients 

CRM Implementation is easy with Wishdesk web development company!

If you also want to implement CRM in your company or feel that it can help your business, entrust this work to professional web developers.

As we already said, CRM software will breathe a new life into your business. It may sound metaphorical, but the results will be real!


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