reasons to hire a dedicated development team

Main advantages of Dedicated Team Model

The success of any modern company depends on many factors, and web presence is the most crucial one. The challenge is how to create an efficient and good-quality website within budget and on time. That is where a dedicated team model comes in. In today’s fast-growing world of software development, dedicated web development teams are gaining ground. They are the choice of many successful businesses, institutions and influencers worldwide. Here, we define what the dedicated team model stands for, along with some of its most important advantages.

What is a dedicated team model?

A dedicated team is a business model where a customer and outsource provider agree on the project requirements. The outsource company provides a group of web experts (developers, designers, QA engineers, etc.) working remotely. They concentrate on projects for just one company at a time. The customer can manage the projects and the team the same way they would manage their own team, while the service provider is used for recruiting and administrative support. The project budget depends on the workload, programming technologies and experience of the developers.

The dedicated team model in outsourcing is usually used for long-term projects with changeable conditions and scale. It is an excellent choice when customer’s team experience a lack of necessary skills or expertise in some areas. Here, dedicated developers can come up with fresh ideas to provide unique and project-specific solutions. 

Next, we’ve carried out a little research on this matter and discovered several reasons to hire a dedicated development team. 

Advantages of working with a dedicated team

  • Cost efficiency

You don’t need to spend precious time looking for different IT specialists separately and then form a team. You don’t need to rent office space and buy additional equipments. The whole team is in one place. They’re already there and ready to start working on a client’s project. There are no delays to begin the collaboration, no misunderstanding and cost savings — these are compelling benefits, aren’t they?

  • Focus on the project

The dedicated team is 100% focused on one project. They become a part of the company for a set period of time. Working closely with the dedicated team, you clearly see the big picture, understand the specifics of the web development process and manage it successfully. It helps the team not to lose the project focus, do their work without failures and provide the best results for a client within one project.

  • Flexible approach

Traditionally, the scope of work is not strictly defined. A dedicated team model is exactly what large and flexible projects need. If changes or new requirements are emerging, a customer can extend the team or, vice versa, cut the number of experts at any time. Concern and direct involvement with the web development process helps the client to easily change direction, harmonize the teamwork and adapt workload to new key goals. The dedicated team is flexible itself as well. Being highly motivated, they quickly react to any issues and changes with the project and can provide expert advice.

  • Full control

As a client, you have a free choice of the dedicated team members. The reason why such teams are called “dedicated” is because they work exclusively for one specific project. The customer gets the full control over the motivation and management of the dedicated team, all resources and infrastructure based on project requirements.

  • Maximum effect and speed

The team members have a deep understanding of business goals. Their dedication to the project helps to achieve the maximum efficiency and high speed of completing the tasks. The customer can ask for a weekly report, so they will see what has already been done, what tasks are in progress and what exactly needs to be improved. This mitigates the risks of future possible overheads.

  • Working together

By working only on one of your projects, the dedicated team significantly contributes to the whole company’s success. Different time zones and geographical boundaries are not an obstacle to great collaboration inside the team. Brainstorming between the team and client are common if there are some changes, or you want to get visible results and make the work more efficient. The results of the work can be discussed on the spot. To make this process interactive, fast and easy, you can use such modern means of communication and project tracking tools as Redmine, JIRA, Skype, Slack and others.

A fresh business idea, perfect plan, financial possibilities and necessary facilities — you’ll miss out on all of this if you don’t find an experienced, dedicated team. The dedicated team model has proven itself to be a breakthrough in outsourcing and you can also benefit from it. Here is what WishDesk can offer with a dedicated development team.


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