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Reasons to choose company for web development project

When there arises a need to build a website or optimize it, you need to decide who to hire for this responsible job — a web development company or a freelancer? Which IT company should you chose? In this article we are going to prove to you why you should choose us for your website development and support.

What benefits you'll get when choosing our web development company

  • You’ll get both web development and maintenance services under one roof

Many people will agree that it’s better to entrust ongoing support to the same company which has developed a web resource. Developers spend less time figuring out what has happened on a familiar site, and they can find possible causes, fix bugs or do other improvements. So, web solutions are able to be delivered faster and therefore save  budget.

  • You’ll  get a professional help for either Drupal, WordPress, Majento or Laravel website

We have different experts who are ready to build your web resource on one of the most famous, popular and reliable frameworks and CMS. Moreover, if you have changed your mind about which is better — Drupal or WordPress or something else — we can make a migration and transmit a website from one platform to another.

  • You can choose from the wide range of services

We offer a wide range of services, including frontend and backend. We can develop a web product from the sketch as well as build needed functionality on your existing website. As you know, to satisfy all business goals, just creating a web resource isn’t enough. For its proper functioning, website maintenance is required.

Our specialists can perform critical tasks, do a security audit, an SEO audit, uptime monitoring 24/7, round-the-clock work web hosting support, UI/UX design, upgrades and updates for both Drupal core/modules/themes and WordPress core/themes/plugins and much more.

  • You’ll get custom, customized and ready-made web solutions

As Drupal and WordPress are both open source, they have many free modules, themes, etc. which we can install on your site, or you can do it yourself. However, not all solutions offered by those CMS can meet your needs, or may not meet them completely. In such cases you’ll need either to customize ready-made modules/plugins and adapt them to your requirements or write a totally custom code for your exclusive functionality. Our programmers can do it all for you.

With regard to web design, it’s risky to use open source themes, because your competitors can do the same. Our creative designer can give your brand uniqueness and originality with a custom layout that emphasizes  distinctive features and allows you to stand out with catchy and recognizable website’s look.

  • You can choose an appropriate pricing model for a web project

We have more than ten years of experience working on both large-scale and small projects of different complexity. Each project has its specifics and require apt management. You can choose or we can recommend what methodology to use (Agile or Waterfall) and what pricing options would be the best fit for your case, because we work with all of them. There are three main pricing models:

  1. fixed price
  2. time and material
  3. dedicated team
  • Team members can be selected according to your requirements

Our web development company can offer you one of our existing cohesive teams to work on  project. Besides, you can compile a team basing on CVs that our Human Resource Managers send to you. Furthermore, if you wish, our recruiters can find IT specialists outside our company. If you have an image of an ideal programmer in your mind, give us a list of your requirements and we will find right people to satisfy your needs.

  • Your business can be anywhere all over the world

Physical distance and different time zones have never been an obstacle for us. We are always trying to find the optimal time for Skype calls and chatting that is convenient for you and us. In some extreme situations we may even be working late, because we realized that in some urgent cases promptness and timeliness matter a lot. We have thousands of happy customers represented by both big corporations and startups everywhere from Europe and the USA to Australia, and we welcome you to join them.

Our web development company can give you many more benefits than this article can include. To find out what these are, start cooperating with us right now and be satisfied with your new or renewed web resource.

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