How Digital Marketing Will Change due to COVID-19

How Digital Marketing Will Change due to COVID-19

Have you thought about how digital marketing will change due to Covid 19? One thing is for sure — you will need to change your digital marketing strategy after Covid 19. Three months ago, we could not have imagined that everything in the world would change so dramatically. Our working relationships, our habits, and digital marketing have changed.

Therefore, in order to maintain the efficiency of your business, you must adapt to the new conditions of the game. Everything is not as scary as it might seem at first. 

WishDesk will be happy to help you with this issue. The big advantage is that we are ready for the new cooperation model, and therefore you can get more benefits. If you are interested in new cooperation conditions and you need our help, just contact the website development team. WishDesk specialists will consider the main issue for today — digital marketing and how it will change after Covid-19. 

How digital marketing will change in 2020

Any changes lead to development. Your main goal is to quickly navigate this new development. According to Digital Commerce 360, 45% of the website is down since Covid 19 appeared.

How digital marketing will change in 2020

So that you are not in the list of those 45% you should change your marketing strategy. In order for marketing to work, it must take external factors of the world into account and be able to adapt to them and even use them.

Covid 19 changed our daily lives and accordingly made changes to digital marketing. Therefore, all that you knew about the digital audience has now changed.

Those tips you used before now need to be changed.

4 Tips for digital marketing after Covid 19

  • Do not panic. Your business is important to people

Do not worry. It may seem to you that this is a collapse, but it's not. Your clients are also feeling confused. You need to sit down and think about how you can use Covid 19 to your advantage. Think over how digital marketing can change your business. Don`t cut back on your marketing campaigns, always be in sight of your users.

  • Stop and analyze your current marketing company

Analyze your current situation. Review your images, calls to action, promises, best ways to attract customers. Your main task is to redo your vision of the one for whom you work. What does this mean? After Covid 19, your clients have a different vision of the world and have set different priorities. Now your average visitors are different from those they were before. A good idea would be to add a bit of humor to your marketing strategy.

  • Build short-term plans

To stay effective, plan your activities and marketing campaigns for the near term. This is certainly not very convenient, but given the sharp changes, this will be the best way. Create newsletters for customers based on today's situation. Customize your marketing to today's moods and needs so you can get as many supporters as possible.

  • Make your marketing more light

Remember that moods are transmitted, so stay positivity. Your marketing should radiate reliability and positive. Show your users that everything will be fine and that you can help them with your services.

Digital marketing strategies before and after Covid 19. How will digital marketing change?

The pandemic has changed marketing — that's a fact. Below we want to show you how digital marketing strategies will change and develop before and after Covid 19.

We bring to your attention the most effective strategies for developing your business after Covid 19. Following them, you can resurrect your marketing if it fell after Covid 19 or bring it to a new level.

The most effective marketing strategies for developing business BEFORE Covid 19

Before Covid 19, the most popular strategies were:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO is all about ways to increase your search results in Google)
  2. Per-Per-Clicks marketing (This strategy helps you advertise your services)
  3. Content Marketing (This strategy is revealed through the quality filling of your site with useful information)
  4. Social media marketing (SMM means promoting your business through social networks)
  5. Website Design (Design strategy that involves attracting your customers with an interesting and interactive design)
  6. Email Marketing (Email marketing allows you to report on new products, special offers and attract the attention of customers via email distribution)
  7. Call-To-Action Strategy (CTA helps push potential customers to take action)

The most effective marketing strategies for developing business AFTER Covid 19

If you think that after Covid 19 everything is as it was before, then you are deeply mistaken. We do not want to say that the above strategies will completely disappear, but they are definitely being modified. The fact is that now marketers must analyze the whole situation and choose the most effective strategies in order to be able to intelligently spend money on promoting their services.

1. Video Marketing

Video marketing is a strategy that became predominant both during and after Covid 19. We are sure that the video marketing strategy will be a trend for a long period.

Video is the best and most effective way to communicate with your customers. This method of disseminating information has become relevant due to the fact that people themselves often use it to communicate with their friends, conduct video conferences and watch video more often than before. More users prefer to watch a video than read an article. According to HubSpot,more than 50% of users want to watch video content.

If you still haven’t turned your content into video formats, then we advise you to actively use this strategy to get more leads. 

After all, video content 

  • makes the presentation of your content easier
  • more friendly 
  • understandable for users
Video marketing

Interesting data about video marketing:

2. Free Access to Paid Content

Free access to previously paid content is a great strategy that Covid 19 helped spread. Getting paid information helps attract more and more users.

A great example is the action of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities of Egypt, which launched free online tours in the tombs of pharaohs.

Such strategy brings only benefits, for both users and for your company. People have the opportunity to get more information than ever before. You will get good user enthusiasm and interest in your services. Pay it forward to get something back! We believe this statement is relevant and adhere to it.

Such a strategy can give your business the following benefits:

  • expanded the circle of your users
  • provide better interaction between you and users
  • help increase your brand awareness
Free access to paid content

3. Up to Date Content

At the end of Covid 19, another strategy spread — to create only relevant content. Yes, this strategy is not a new one, but we decided to include it because it is important. You cannot quietly write about something without taking into account the latest world news, the experiences and needs of your audience. In order to remain interesting to people, your content has to describe the hottest trends. Clients will expect from you, for example, a reaction to the crisis that has arisen as a result of Covid 19 and some new offers for your business.

After Covid 19, one of the ways that will help you stay at the top is clean and useful content. In addition, do not forget to make your content in different versions. For example, share your content in audio format, PDF format, infographics and in other ways.

If you want to make your content as useful as possible, then:

  • double-check the information you describe
  • link to a reliable source
  • write clearly about what's relevant

4. Anti-crisis Offers

Anti-crisis offers are what directly surfaced as a result of the Covid 19 crisis. We have already mentioned that users are your main value. To make your users happy to cooperate with you, start making special offers on your services or products. 

For example, WishDesk switched to a new highly effective model of cooperation with customers. Now our customers can get their tasks completed twice as fast, which means they save money. This is because we learned how to divide your tasks into building and custom, and therefore we see faster what, where and how to do it. If you need our help — contact WishDesk website support agency.

The crisis certainly hit the pockets of people, so the best way to return your customers and get new ones is to announce anti-crisis offers.

For example, you can:

  • make discounts on the purchase of the whole package of your service
  • make discounts on individual offers
  • make a discount on new services or products
  • donate part of the proceeds to charity
anti-crisis offers

5. Upgrade Email Marketing

Covid 19 helped update email marketing. Now, in order for your emails to be effective and produce the maximum number of leads, you need to work hard on updating this strategy.

First of all, you can personalize the mailings for each specific client, it shows them that you really appreciate them. We once talked about e-commerce personalization and that it works great — this is something similar.

Notify your clients of any changes immediately. To avoid misunderstandings, inform your customers about new inputs and new products as soon as possible.

Try to focus on the positive changes and successful examples of the services or products you offer, in the messages Alternatively, make mailings about what you plan to do and change in the future. Open your plans to them and show openness and transparency. People love sincerity.

So to bring your email marketing to a new level you can:

  • personalize message for every client
  • report changes quickly
  • reveal your plans for the future
Upgrade Email Marketing

WishDesk is here to help you update your marketing strategies

Today we tried to answer the question: How digital marketing will change due to Covid 19? Digital marketing after Сovid 19 changed and it is not the same, this is an indisputable fact. To follow a trend means to quickly and easily adapt to new changes and expand your business with new features.

If you feel that your digital marketing strategy is not working for you 100%, then we will be happy to help you, because we know how to do it! To improve your marketing strategy and unleash the potential of your business at the affordable price and quickly — contact web developers at WishDesk.

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