Professional Drupal tech support

Professional Drupal tech support for your website’s smooth work

Greetings to all of you who are lucky enough to have a Drupal website! Hopefully, your business is doing well, and your site is helping it reach its goals. We know Drupal websites can do this perfectly — they just may sometimes need improvements, changes, updates, or fixes.

We strive to relieve all website owners of any troubles by taking care of all of the above. That’s why we offer Drupal support services at very affordable prices through our quick, easy-to-apply, and reliable Drupal helpdesk. Learn more about the tech support from WishDesk in this post.

12+ years of working with Drupal

Tech issues and ideas about your website can be different in their complexity, so they need a skilled approach. The WishDesk tech support team knows Drupal from the inside out due to 12+ years on the market of Drupal services. We know how to identify and resolve any tech issues on a case-by-case basis. Here is why many website owners entrust their Drupal enterprise support to us.

What services can you order in our Drupal support desk?

The tech support services include literally anything that keeps your website up-and-running and performing its mission. Among the key ones are:

All kinds of Drupal site audits

Speaking about tech support, we would like to mention website audit services first. Audits are comprehensive, in-depth checks of specific areas of a website’s work by experts to discover its weak points to be further improved. This can be a website performance audit, SEO audit, security audit, code review, and similar projects. In addition, this can be something not directly associated with your website — like an IT infrastructure audit performed by our DevOps team.

All kinds of Drupal site audits

Drupal updates and upgrades

One of our Drupal support benefits is that it can help you keep your website up-to-date. This is vital in terms of security, innovation, performance, usability, and more. Customers often ask to migrate from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8, upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, prepare for Drupal 9 through a good cleanup of deprecated code, and more. Minor updates, like from D8.5 to 8.8, as well as Drupal security updates, are also among the tech support services in demand.

Website performance optimization

Website speed matters for business in terms of traffic, visibility in search engines, and conversions. We have devoted a special post to the ways in which a slow website can cost you money. Many website owners see that their website is slow, however, they don’t know the exact reasons. It may lie in the image optimization, caching issues, file aggregation, and much more. This is where the WishDesk tech experts come in — they know plenty of ways to increase website loading speed based on your particular case.

Bug fixes on Drupal websites

When a fresh website arrives from the development team, it is usually well-tested against bugs — at least if you have worked with a decent web development agency (if not, you can order website testing services and bug fixes from our Drupal website support team at any time). But even an initially clean website may become buggy with time due to factors like the absence of core and module updates, unprofessional changes, and many more. Our tech experts will identify and fix any bugs, which also includes bug fixing services for custom modules.

Adding new functionality to a Drupal site

Drupal websites are able to grow and develop together with their businesses, so it’s easy to equip them with new features at any time you ask. It may be something easy like adding a contact form or a menu, or something more challenging like creating a decoupled Drupal Commerce setup on your store or building a mobile app based on your site — the high tech skills of our Drupal help team allow it to do anything. So don’t hide your new ideas — share them with us!

Adding new functionality to a Drupal site

All kinds of Drupal site improvements

Anything you wish on your website can (and should!) be improved. Whenever you want to;

The WishDesk’s Drupal support and maintenance services will come in handy.

Urgent Drupal website help & recovery

Sometimes you need the assistance of our Drupal tech support team to resolve critical issues and recover your site. There are many reasons for this — for example, your website may have been hacked or you could have accidentally done something (like deleted your public_HTML folder), cannot restore your site from the backup, or any one of a number of possible issues. If your site is unavailable to users or your data has been compromised, there is no time to waste. Our Drupal support desk is ready to quickly recover, clean up, and increase your site's protection for the future.

Drupal website hosting support

Trouble-free hosting is vital to provide a good website performance. We offer web hosting support services that include:

  • troubleshooting server problems
  • informing you about the server or its software settings and updates
  • restoring your data from the backup
  • and more

Just rely on our DevOps team, which is equipped with the necessary tools and has extensive experience. By offering Drupal hosting and support, we cover the key tech needs of website owners in post-development time.

Making your Drupal website accessible

A very hot topic today is making websites accessible in line with the latest requirements. The reasons why accessibility is important for business include brand building, protection from lawsuits, audience expansion, SEO gains, etc. Your site’s ALT tags, form labels, menu links, HTML structure and much more needs to be accessible to assistive technologies. Our tech support will easily provide it in accordance with the latest practices and using the Drupal website accessibility features properly. We can also take care of your site’s mobile web accessibility.

Making your Drupal website accessible

Drupal tech support doesn’t have to be expensive!

If you worry about Drupal support costs, we have great news. We are convinced that Drupal tech support services need to be reasonably priced.

Tell us about any issues you may have or ideas for your website and our Drupal website support team will resolve it at the best price/quality ratio. This can be one-time tasks on demand or a long-term Drupal maintenance contract. So just contact us and let’s discuss what suits you best. The application process is very simple and the consultation is free!


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