Flexible landing pages in Drupal 8

Flexible landing pages in Drupal 8 that attract your customers

“Cleared to land” the aircraft pilot hears before starting a successful landing phase. But what about your website — is it fully ready to let your customers successfully “land” on it? That’s what great landing pages are meant for! And, with Drupal 8, landing pages can be greater than with other platforms — the ability to create them is among Drupal 8’s benefits for business. Today, we’ll take a closer look at one of the ways to create a landing page in Drupal 8  via the Paragraphs module.

Landing pages: the power of attraction

A high conversion landing page is usually dedicated to one of a company’s product groups, service category, marketing campaign, or other topic. This page accumulates all the information the client (as well as the search engines) need to know on the topic. It unfolds its benefits, step by step, or block by block, confidently leading the customer towards the buying decision.

Tips for Creating Better Landing Pages:

  • has a logical information structure
  • is strengthened by visual assets
  • is diverse in types of content
  • offers a clear call-to-action buttons
  • brings traffic from search engines
  • is easily editable to meet new needs

All this and much more is easy to achieve with the Paragraphs Drupal 8 module that we often use in our work. Well, traffic from search engines is more a benefit of Drupal itself, which offers you great opportunities in SEO, but the rest belongs to the Paragraph module’s powers.

Creating landing pages in Drupal 8 with Paragraphs

The Paragraphs module lets us build awesome flexible landing pages for our customers’ Drupal 8 websites. The module is designed to organize the content into components, or paragraphs, that create your coherent, beautiful, and convincing “stories”.

Content editors can combine, swap around, and reuse these component throughout the website. That’s the essence of a truly flexible landing pages.

Components can be defined as paragraph types thanks to the Paragraph module. And what is  is awesome is that these components can be absolutely anything, for example:

  • a text block
  • a hero image
  • a gallery
  • a slideshow
  • a Parallax background
  • a grid
  • a headline
  • a video embed
  • a call-to-action
  • a testimonial quote

and so much more!

This kind of modular content has diverse types of content, is very time-saving in creating and editing, helps maintain the overall site’s branding, and attaches no strings to an editor’s imagination.

Paragraph types: awesome Lego bricks for landing pages

The Paragraphs works in a tandem with the Entity Reference Revisions module. We create paragraph types and add the desired fields to them, as well as manage the display. The principle is similar to that of working with content types, with the difference that there are no basic default fields provided out-of-the-box.

For example, if we create a “call-to-action” paragraph type, it will need such fields as the title, the body, the image, and the link.

landing pages in Drupal 8 with Paragraphs

After that, this paragraph type can be added to landing page content types as a Paragraph field. We can harness the power of CSS to customize the look and feel of our creation. There are also plenty of options for adding custom fields, using JavaScript, and so much more.

This new and pretty call-to-action component is just waiting to be used in some great combination on any landing page or advertisement throughout the website.


Let your Drupal 8 landing page be the most flexible, attractive and convenient place to land on, so your travelling guests will want to take a tour — or stay forever ;) Just drop a line our Drupal 8 web development company and make a wish to get a landing page like this!

Flexible landing pages in Drupal 8



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