Great Electronics Product Pages to Inspire Your

Inspiring Product Pages from the Electronics Sector

There are countless product pages from electronics companies across the world — but only a few of them are unusual enough to be remembered by users.

It is clear that all eCommerce stores with consumer electronics are built according to a similar scheme, but no one said you can’t add your own charm. An interesting design and UX solutions on the electronics product page add uniqueness to the business.

This blog will be useful for those who are planning to create an electronics eCommerce website in the near future, or for those who want to update an existing website but do not know what to change. Our web developers decided to share the best electronics website ideas from all over the world to inspire you to create something cool and fresh!

Top 6 tips on how to build the best electronics product page in 2021

Let's get down to the analysis of what should be on the product page for it to getsignificant conversions and attract potential customers' attention.

1. Visual appeal is everything!

The visual appeal of your electronics product page is key. The clients' eyes are bought first, and then their brain, so appeal to their eyes!.

Little tricks for the electronics eCommerce website:

  • use only high-quality images
  • put the product in its natural environment (if it is a TV, then add a photo of it in an expensive living room)
  • leave white space on the product page, so it will be easier for users to focus on your product
  • add short video product reviews
  • give the opportunity to view the product from all sides, including zooming in and out of the picture
  • compensate for the inability to touch the product with video reviews of it

2. The correct product description is key!

Good product descriptions are also important to reach the customer's heart. Trust us, people read your product description  — but they don’t spend much time doing it. Engage them from the first words.

Little tricks for creating working product descriptions:

  • show how your product is unique, and how it differs from other similar ones
  • do not praise the product, tell clients how it can help and simplify their life
  • describe the Unique Value Proposition

3. Killer CTA saves the eCommerce world!

Placing CTA buttons in multiple locations on the electronics product page encourages customers to buy rather than just browse. To get more attention, highlight them with a different color — but be aware of what each color means in different cultures.

Little tricks for CTA buttons:

  • add several CTAs to the page, they will not be superfluous
  • choose a color for the CTA that will evoke the desired emotion

4. Create urgency to sell faster!

No matter how long it would take normally, people still react to artificial urgency. The scarcity/urgency principle acts as an instant kick to purchase.

Little tricks for creating "natural urgency":

  • add a sense of urgency to get customers to buy right away
  • show how many goods are in stock to make them act moree decisively
  • count down the time until the end of the promotion, etc.

5. Enable Live Chat!

In order to make the electronics product page as convenient as possible for your customers, add a Live Chat to it. Internet users value personalization and help. To give them help in choosing a product and answering all their questions, we would strongly advise you to use Live Chat on your website.

Little tricks for adding Live Chat:

  • make the Live Chat window simple and pleasing to the eye
  • conduct personalized correspondence with the clients to show you value them
  • try to respond to inquiries as soon as possible

6. Optimize the load speed of the product page!

The faster your site loads, the more purchases will be made. Clients are usually already hesitant about whether to spend money on your product, and if the site loads slowly, it’s a disaster. Do whatever is required of you to speed up your site as much as possible.

Little tricks for speeding up your product page:

  • optimize all images on your eCommerce site
  • audit your site to find out the source of your site's problems and slow performance
  • get rid of all unnecessary files
Top 6 tips on how to build the best electronics product page in 2021

5 modern electronics product page examples to inspire you

Here are the top 6 best selected electronics product page examples to get ideas for your own electronics product page.

1. Samsung

If you look at the Samsung product page, the first thing that catches your eye is that they did a great job on the visuals.

Samsung product page

Samsung Product Page Review:

  • there is enough empty white space on the page
  • there is a video, in which a specific phone model is shown in its natural environment (in the hands of users)
  • all advantages and features of the product are clearly described
  • the client can see the product in 360 degrees

2. Master and Dynamic

The first thing that catches our eye is that the Master and Dynamic product page loads very quickly despite the fact that there are many photos and videos on the site.

 Master and Dynamic product page

Master and Dynamic Product Page Review:

  • developers did a good job on the speed of their page loading
  • all images are extremely vivid and high quality
  • product review video demonstrates the headphones well from all sides

3. Apple

Perhaps the most important thing on Apple's product page is white space and a clear product description.

Apple Product Page

Apple Product Page Review:

  • 3D visualization fully satisfies the desire to touch and twist the product from all sides
  • every feature is described with an example
  • the color scheme of the page evokes the suitable emotions for this type of product

4. Cowboy

The Cowboy product page is well thought out  — you can see it right away. We especially like the design and number of the CTA buttons.

Cowboy product page

Cowboy Product Page Review:

  • live chat is a plus of the site
  • a detailed description of the product with a photo demonstrates its advantages
  • a photo of a bike in a natural environment (on city roads) makes you want to buy it even more

5. GoPro

GoPro's product page deserves your special attention. The whole page is thought out, the CTAs are placed in the right places and the presentation of the product encourages you to buy it.

GoPro's product page

GoPro Product Page Review:

  • high-quality images show product
  • correct product description perfectly presents a video camera
  • all features of this product are illustrated by video/photo confirmation

Create the best modern electronics product page with the Wishdesk!

Despite the fact that all electronics product pages are built according to a similar scheme, you can always individually decorate your own page. 

It doesn’t matter whether you already have a product page or just want to make a new one, creating it with passion and professionalism.

Clients will go to your site if it is convenient and pleasant to work there. Use these 6 tips that our web development company gave you today. They will help you take your site to the next level!


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