Elementor page builder plugin: Ease Design website from one place

Elementor page builder plugin: Ease Design website from one place

Despite the unstable situation of the world due to COVID, the world of WordPress plugins did not stop — instead, it continues to delight us with new updates and features.

Most recently, a new Elementor 3.11.1 page builder plugin update has been released.

Version Pro 3.11.1 is special because it allows you to:

  • edit all parts of your site from one place
  • create dynamic websites visually 
  • use Live Custom CSS

In this blog, WishDesk tells you more about what is so special about Elementor page Builder plugin and what opportunities this plugin gives you. Don`t forget that WishDesk WordPress support agency tries to keep you happy, that's why we do low cost development for you. This means that we will be even faster and more productive.

Elementor Page Builder gives you the possibility to edit your site from a single place

This is a great plugin as it allows you to build an entire site without the use of coding. 

The Elementor Pro 3.11.1 plugin is something new in the development of WordPress sites. 

To build an entire site you only need to switch between parts of your site that you are editing, using a simple and convenient button — that's all.

How Elementor 3.11.1 plugin works to edit content on the page

  1. To edit the header you just need to click on it, and you can already change it.
  2. To change your page content you should click on the content and then you can edit it.
  3. And if you want to make changes to the page footer, just click on it and that's it - you can already edit it.

This plugin allows you to easily and quickly edit various parts of a web page without going to the admin panel. That is what makes it the best editing plugin. 

The area where you are working is highlighted so you do not get confused about where you are and what you are editing.

Dynamic colors create a dynamic custom palette for each post or page

This plugin helps facilitate the setup of your site.

Anyone who has already been involved in editing the contents of the site knows how difficult and inconvenient it is to set up an e-commerce website — especially if you want to customize different colors for different pages of your site.

Until recently, it was not possible to set different colors without manual installation in the editor. With the Dynamic Color function, this has become possible. Now you can add colors to the list of dynamic elements of the plugin.

How to set up the colors in Elementor 3.11.1 plugin

  1. First of all, you should create a special color selection field using advanced custom fields.
  2. The second step is the creation of posts and the selection of different colors for each of them using the fields that you created in the first step. By the way, do not forget to choose harmonious colors that combine with each other.
  3. Afterwards, you need to create a single template for all posts.
  4. And the last step is using color tags to be able to link the template areas with a color picker.

There are many options for how to apply this feature.

For example, would you like a page where both the content and the CTA are made in the same color? We doubt it.

You can apply this template to many landing pages that will automatically receive a different color palette. By the way, we have compiled a selection of the best themes for landing pages.

If you need to design business cards, you should also use the template. It helps you to set different colors for your business cards.

Add custom CSS to WordPress with Elementor

Using the plugin, you can configure custom CSS rules from one place, and it will apply them to the entire site. Isn't that perfect?

The Elementor Pro v3.11.1 allows you to customize CSS rules that cannot be done using Theme Style's rules. For example, it could hover for headlines or active links.

To configure them for the entire site, you should switch from Theme Style to Custom CSS.

This function was one of the most necessary for our users looking for global custom CSS, now it’s real and it is put in the Elementor plugin.

All you need to do is click on the Theme Style menu and select Custom CSS!

Improved SEO in Elementor plugin

Could you imagine how universal the Elementor plugin is? In addition to the already described functions, it can be used to improve your on-page SEO.
SearchEngineLand said that in order to ease search engines identifying you can use specially-named containers.

So far, you have had limits on the establishment of HTML tags, such as header, footer, main and others. The main difficulty was creating one HTML tag for all areas because more of them are divided into other sections.

But now this is no longer a problem. You can customize HTML tags for the theme part. You need to write your header as a <header> tag, your main content as a <main> tag, and footer as a <footer> tag. You can configure other tags that are in the settings.

Writing HTML tags for an individual element will help increase the output of your page and raise your SEO.

In order to enhance the result of SEO, you need to add SEO plugins. By the way, we have already created a list of the best WordPress SEO plugins.

Top benefits of Elementor plugin

  • Mobile-responsive pages

This plugin allows you to create responsive pages for all mobile devices. Regardless of what you are editing on the page, your site will still be mobile-friendly

  • SEO-friendly

An equally important advantage is SEO-friendly. You can more easily promote your sites through the Integrated SEO system.

  • High speed

One of the main advantages of this plugin is its speed of task execution — it just flies. It provides a drag & drop page builder, live edit, and pages load only in a few seconds. No one, not paid or free page builders, works as quickly.

  • Life editing

A very convenient opportunity of Elementor is the ability to work with the backend and at the same time see how it looks in the final version. That is, the entire editing process is immediately displayed on the page, you do not need to refresh the page after each change. The plugin can work well with or without Gutenberg.

  • Email Integration

Do you know that Elementor PRO already has built-in MailChimp and MailPoet email services? If not, then now you know.The main advantage is that you do not need to install a separate plugin for this as everything is automated in this plugin. The Elementor allows you to manage letters, automate them, manage notifications, confirmations, and manage post notifications and autoresponders right away with WordPress.

  • Cancel or repeat changes

When making any changes to your site, you can cancel or repeat any action using the key combination Ctrl / Cmd + Z. It is also possible to view the entire history of changes.

  • Multilingualism

Language will no longer be a hindrance. Elementor is translated into more than 30 languages! Isn't that perfect?
Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon
If you need to submit your site for maintenance, you just have to select the built-in maintenance mode or coming soon feature. This function informs your users that the page will be back soon.

  • Special features

The plugin is interesting not only because of its speed but also of its unique features. It gives you the opportunity to become a real designer of your site. Using the plugin you can do:

  1. Shadows for boxes
  2. Background overlays
  3. Various effects for the headline
  4. Hover effects
  5. Animations
  6. Gradient backgrounds
  7. and more.

Elementor Free vs Pro: Which One Do You Need?

This plugin is available in two versions: paid (starting at $ 59) and free.

The free version is a standard set of all the basic functions.

The paid version is an add-on to the aforementioned free version.

Therefore, you can safely start working with the free version and then, if you need to, buy a paid one. In this case, you will not need to download a new plugin, just this free one will be updated to the pro-version. By the way, all previous projects will automatically switch to the pro-version.

Final thoughts

We hope that we were able to show you that the Elementor plugin is a unique, ultra-fast and very convenient plugin that is worth using on your website.

Do not hesitate to ask WishDesk about everything that interests you. If suddenly, you understand that you can’t cope on your own, then contact our website development team. And especially now, when we switched to low-cost services, it will be very convenient for you.


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