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10 elements of a successful website’s homepage

There is something that unites all companies — both large corporations and small businesses need great websites to drive them forward. And there is something that unites all websites — one of their most powerful places is their homepage. A homepage is able to capture visitors’ attention and lead them further throughout the site until a conversion is reached, or not — everything depends on the homepage quality. Let’s now discover some important elements that a high-quality homepage should have.

Some recommended elements of a successful homepage

  • Logo and headline

Essential homepage elements are the high-quality logo and catchy headline for your company. Your headline can be accompanied by your sub-headline. Both the headline and subheadline elements convey your main message to your visitors.

  • Key benefits or features

What the headline and subheadline do not contain can be added in a description of what makes your offers awesome and how your customers will benefit from them. This information can be presented in a variety of creative ways — e.g. in a block accompanied by catchy images.

  • Contact information

It is vital to provide the full information about ways to find you. This also adds credibility to your business. When including a physical address, be sure it’s accompanied with a map. The contact info should be easily accessible — for example, it should not go down with infinite scrolling.

  • Navigation menu

Invite users to take a journey through your site by offering them a navigation menu at the top of the homepage. Use an intuitively understandable structure that represents your important pages. Make menu items clear, concise, simple, and descriptive — and mobile responsive, of course!

  • Essential links

There are links that are logically required for your business. For example, while an “About” page is vital to any company, an online store cannot do without a “Shipping and payment” page. Make sure your visitors do not have to look for things like that — make them easy-to-find homepage elements.

  • Calls to action

Fully using the power of colors and contrasts, make a couple of noticeable call-to-action buttons. Their message should be crystal clear and convincing, and they should lead to different areas of your site. Include CTAs with varying level of customer interest — for example, not just for ordering your services, but also to view your demos or read more. When accessed from a mobile phone, CTA buttons should be easily clickable with a finger.

  • Links to social media

Social media offer so much for website promotion that it’s impossible to ignore them. Every respectable site nowadays has easy-to-find links to its social media pages as essential elements of the main page.

  • Credentials

A homepage will be much more convincing if it contains a section with testimonials, reviews, client logos or photos, success stories, certificates or awards, accomplishments, positive statistics, a block with the your social page subscribers, and so on. Photos and videos always add more credibility.

  • Interesting content

Be sure to offer your users some valuable content on the main page. Interesting blog postings, relevant news, and many other types of content can be arranged in an attractive homepage block.

  • Catchy images

Capture your users’ attention with high quality images that are relevant to what you offer. Your homepage could have, for example, a hero image, a slider, or other ways of showing images.

Final thoughts

This is a general and brief list of the main recommended homepage elements of a successful website. Depending on your website’s specifics, lots of other elements can be added to it.

If you wish, you can entrust your homepage element optimization to website development team. Then this page will be an irresistible lure for your users!


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