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Best free WordPress social share plugins to “socialize” your website!

A “sociable” website is always in the center of attention. It naturally gets more visitors, clicks, and conversions — these are the laws of social media marketing. If you have a WordPress website or are thinking of getting one, consider that WordPress has a true wealth of social share plugins. Our WordPress support experts are always ready to help you with choosing, installing and configuring them, or creating custom WordPress plugins to fit your needs. So let’s see the 20 best free WordPress social share plugins.

Best free WordPress social share plugins

The WordPress plugins that we describe in this post will are very helpful at providing attractive and handy social sharing options. Your visitors will share your site’s content to social networks in a snap of a finger.

These free WordPress plugins support plenty of social networks, as well as email, RSS, and so on. Their options are also endless — they offer share counts, auto posting features, performance optimization, responsive design, Google Analytics integration, and much more. See what each of the plugins can do for you.

  • AddToAny Share Buttons

Over 500,000 active installations and over 100 social websites in 19 languages — it’s all about the incredibly popular and multi-purpose AddToAny Share Buttons WordPress plugin. 

The plugin offers both a universal “+” icon and special icons for social networks. It supports content sharing and “likes” features, which are specific for every network. You are free to choose the position of your icons.

Here are some more features that add to the plugin’s popularity:

  • standard or floating, vertical or horizontal share buttons
  • responsive and Retina-ready design
  • special image sharing buttons
  • handy share counts
  • link shortening
  • SVG icons
  • Google Analytics integration
  • multi-language and multisite support
  • WooCommerce support
  • AMP support
  • shortcodes and widgets
  • accessibility standards

and many more

AddToAny Share Buttons WordPress plugin
  • Jetpack

With more than a million active installations, Jetpack is a truly multi-purpose WordPress plugin. It offers features for design, security, marketing, and more — a total of over 30 modules. Jetpack’s core functionality is free. And one of its areas of expertise is social media sharing.

The sharing options offered by the Jetpack plugin include social media, email, and print. You can choose to display sharing buttons, social media icons, or text links.

The Jetpack plugin lets you auto publish your site’s content to social networks and schedule your posts for the future. Cool features in this area include:

  • the support for multiple accounts
  • tracking the share history
  • resharing the existing content
  • avoiding the publication of drafts and cloned content

and more.

  • Super Socializer

Let us introduce a helpful free WordPress plugin in this field — Super Socializer more properly, the “WordPress Social Share, Social Login and Social Comments Plugin — Super Socializer.”As you can see by its name, it uses a “triple action” and lets your users:

  • share your content to social networks
  • log in with their social accounts
  • comment on your content via their social accounts

If you are interested in the social share part only, the plugin’s creator recommends installing the Sassy Social Share plugin instead. 

The Super Socializer supports about 90 social networks, is GDPR compliant, AMP compatible, multisite-ready, and has a mobile responsive sharing interface. With this plugin, you can choose the icon size, color, and layout, rearrange the icons, enable/disable post sharing, use shortened URLs, and much more.

Super Socializer plugin
  • Sassy Social Share

The Sassy Social Share plugin is an easy-to-use social share tool created by the same developer as the Super Socializer — Team Heateor. It will easily connect your website to more than 100 social sharing and bookmarking services like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumbr, and so on.

One of its interesting features is the ability to choose, in addition to button color and size, the shape as well — square, round, or rectangular. You can choose the standard or floating layout for the sharing icons. You decide on the the placement of the social icon bar in relation to your content.

The Sassy Social Share plugin has many features of its “bigger brother” — Super Socializer. For example, it is also GDPR compliant, AMP compatible, mobile responsive, multisite-ready, and so on.

Sassy Social Share plugin
  • MashShare

Mashshare is a big and highly customizable social media sharing ecosystem. The wealth of features impresses even the most savvy social media marketers as well as developers. These features include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • customizable subscription box
  • high-resolution vector fonts
  • extensibility with various social add-ons
  • special focus on performance
  • total share and views display
  • shortcodes
  • AMP support
  • share count
  • smart (virtual) share count
  • flexible approaches to caching
  • multi-language support

The absence of external script dependencies contribute both to higher loading speed and better user data privacy.

One of its special features, important for EU customers, is DSGVO compliance. This means that no user data is disclosed to third parties.

Mashshare plugin
  • Social Warfare

The creators of the Social Warfare plugin emphasize that they care greatly both for the performance and attractiveness of the social buttons. These buttons will not slow down your website’s loading speed, and will look great on devices of any resolution and screen size.

The plugin offers you great flexibility in choosing where to place the social buttons — above the content, below it, both above and below, or set manually. It is also possible to add floating share buttons that follow the readers.

At least some of its great features also include:

  • customizable popular posts based on share count
  • social buttons to be placed wherever you wish using shortcodes
  • Tweet quotes inside your content
  • protection against content hijackers

and plenty of others. And the premium version offers an additional list of goodies.

Social Warfare plugin
  • Kiwi Social Share

Kiwi Social Share is a free WordPress plugin that provides a great user interface for easy and intuitive work with the social buttons. The plugin is very lightweight and will slow your website down. The level of support from the plugin’s developer is also among the best ones.

You can easily choose where to place the social buttons — before content, after content, or both. It is also possible to enable or disable the floating social bar and decide on its shape. The share count can be displayed next to the social network icon. What about Google Analytics tracking? Easy with the Kiwi plugin! And this is just the beginning of what you can do with this handy UI.

A special feature of this plugin are four skins among which you can choose:

  • the default square style
  • the futuristic, or shift style
  • the pill style (rounded corners)
  • the leaf style.
Kiwi Social Share is a free WordPress plugin
  • Social Media Flying Icons | Floating Social Media Icon

Flying icons that follow the user even during the scrolling is one of the modern and stylish social share features. It is presented in many social plugins, but receives special attention in the “Social Media Flying Icons | Floating Social Media Icon” plugin. 

This plugin only supports the essential social networks to avoid extra load. It is very customizable. With it, you can choose the size and order of the icons for each social network.

It boasts multiple widgets, shortcode support, drag-and-drop reorder for icons, automatic integration and much more. A special advantage is that it has 30 icon designs that have Pinterest and Instagram support.

The name does not mean that with this plugin your icons can only be flying. At any moment, you can disable the flying feature and still enjoy the social sharing opportunities.

Social Media Flying Icons | Floating Social Media Icon plugin
  • Revive Old Posts – Auto Post to Social Media

It is a good practice to keep your social media accounts active and post regularly there. However, you may not have always fresh content to supply to your users. The “Revive Old Posts” WordPress plugin will help you here with regular automatic posting of your content — including the previously used one.

You can choose the time frame between your posts and the amount of posts you want to share, as well as their format. Specific posts or categories can be excluded from display. 

The plugin supports shortened URLs and hashtags. Google Analytics integration will help you track your posts’ performance.

  • Easy Social Share Buttons

Among the best free WordPress plugins, there is also the Easy Social Share Buttons by Idiom Interactive. By the way, there is a popular paid plugin with the same name and more advanced options that you can check out. But this article is dedicated to free WordPress plugins only.

This plugin developers have given much attention to the loading speed question. With the Easy Social Share Buttons plugin, your users will not have to download any additional JS, CSS, image, or icon font files — just an optional CSS file of 4kb.

You can have your social buttons automatically placed in the header or footer of the content. The use of shortcodes is also supported. You can choose between minimal share buttons and ones with a share count, which will require JS. The number of shares is available per social network. Advanced theming options are available to front-end developers.

Easy Social Share Buttons Plugin
  • Simple Share Buttons Adder

The name of this WordPress plugin speaks for itself. Simple Share Buttons Adderjust adds social share buttons to your content via the handy admin panel — it’s as simple as that.

However, it also offers awesome customization options. You can choose buttons design from classic to modern.

CSS-based settings let you choose the color of the buttons, icons, and hovers. It is possible to use the CSS themes provided by the plugin or add other CSS code created by developers. It also allows you to use custom images.

The plugin is responsive so the buttons look great on mobile screens. The support for shortcodes is also provided.

Simple Share Buttons Adder Plugin
  • Share Buttons, Social Sharing & Analytics

Here is a plugin that offers you not just social sharing but also advanced analytics features. The Share Buttons, Social Sharing & Analytics WordPress Plugin is ready to impress marketing experts in special ways. Among them are:

  • smart popups
  • welcome and subscriber bars
  • real-time analytics
  • virality alerts and scores (to know when and which pages generate traffic)
  • automatic scheduled posts
  • copy-and-paste share traffic
  • Google Analytics integration

The social share features are interesting, some of which are:

  • horizontal or floating buttons
  • total share buttons
  • mobile share buttons
  • image share buttons.
Share Buttons, Social Sharing & Analytics WordPress Plugin
  • Social Snap

When we talk about adding social buttons in a snap, it’s great to mention a WordPress plugin called Social Snap. It was created with usability and website speed in mind. Asynchronous loading and vector graphics contributes to fast loading.

Its sharing options include social buttons, email, print, and copy links. The “More Networks” button lets you decide which ones to show or hide. Individual or total share counts are available. The buttons can be different for mobile and desktop screens.

The placement opportunities are also extensive: you can place the buttons in any position in relation to your content, have a floating sidebar, add a Pinterest “Pin it” button to images, use shortcodes and widgets, hide or show buttons on mobile devices, etc.

And, of course, you are free to decide on all aspects of the design — the button order, color, size, tooltips, spacing, and more.

Social Snap WordPress plugin
  • ShareThis Share Buttons

The ShareThis Share Buttons is a lightweight plugin with mobile optimized buttons that will let your website users easily share content from any device. It is quick to install and gives you full control over how the share buttons will look on your website.

It offers content sharing to popular networks, as well as mobile sharing to SMS and WhatsApp. Eye-catching colors and attractive logos of different sizes are there for your service. 

You can position the share buttons where you wish, enable/disable them when needed, or exclude them from specific pages. Shortcodes and PHP snippets are possible to use. Pixel Perfect placement is supported.

Your buttons can be:

  • inline share buttons
  • sticky share buttons
ShareThis Share Buttons plugin
  • Social Sharing by Danny

Social Sharing by Danny is a simple and flexible plugin for sharing links to Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Its creators emphasize that the plugin does not use any external scripts or styles, which makes it very lightweight. The buttons provided by this plugin are just text links.

Optionally, you can have two small files added that provide the icons and the popup feature for the sharing links. You can also add custom styles.

Some of its features also include:

  • conditional filters for displaying the buttons
  • shortcode and template feature
  • hover effect for icons

The plugin has been translated into 9 languages: English, Dutch, French, Danish, Slovenian, Russian, Spanish, German, Finnish, and Italian.

Social Sharing by Danny plugin
  • Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons

The Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons plugin offers you the share icons for various social networks, email, and RSS. It is also possible to upload custom icons. Even the free version of the plugin has plenty of features.

Some of them include:

  • over 16 social icon designs
  • various actions possible for share icons
  • optional animation effects like shuffling, mouse-over, etc.
  • “float” or “sticky” social icons
  • share counts for the social buttons
  • the option to place the buttons and icons at the end of each post
  • the follow/share inviting popup
  • the option for users to subscribe to blog by email
  • GDPR compliance
Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons plugin

To sum up

These are best free WordPress social share plugins. Our WordPress support experts are ready to help you select and configure the ones that will suit you best. For whatever is not covered by existing plugins, we are ready to create custom ones that will fulfill your social share ideas with 100% precision. Contact our WordPress team!


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