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How to be an successful project manager?

The success of any web project depends on a project manager’s ability to wear many hats, switching from the day-to-day duties of leading a team to designing an excellent plan to bring a particular project to completion, both on time and within budget. As a result, the good PM’s are in high demand in today’s business environment. But how do you become a seasoned professional, a valuable asset for your company? You improve with practice, but by changing your habits and taking some advice you can brush up your skills. Here are 12 effective project manager habits that will help you to lead your project to success and make this the best year of your career.

Habits of effective project manager

  • Develop a project plan

This doesn’t mean that your team and you should adhere strictly to it. This kind of road map can guide you along the whole way and see the big picture.

  • Manage your time

Along with the clear base for action and a visual plan, time management skills are also crucial because you will need to deal with a wide range of various tasks, small and big, and will be asked for a quick turnaround. This can help you to become more organized and increase your productivity.

  • Stay flexible

Meanwhile, you should be prepared to change direction, because each individual case is unique and further minor modifications are inevitable. Try to adapt to them.

  • Be proactive

As stated above, you can face some unexpected challenges, since no project is perfect. So, look for holes and issues to save you from failure before the project begins.

  • Make a contingency plan

Every individual project has some risks related to it. The essential part of your responsibility as a team leader is to foresee when issues are approaching and take preventive actions. It is always a great idea to have a back up plan to reduce any potential risks before they get out of control.

  • Set clear and measurable goals

Realistic expectations are one of most important things you need to consider before starting any project. Set reasonable goals that you and your team can all achieve together.

  • Prioritize most critical tasks

You should give priority to the most important or most impactful  tasks, put them at the top of the plan and do these things first. Then go ahead with the less important ones. Framing a daily task list will be helpful in keeping you on track and aware of time.

  • Pay close attention to details

Try to monitor all the moving targets and investigate the details of your project so you can ensure deadlines are met without any surprises down the road.

  • Learn to make right decisions

If you take even a single, minor wrong decision, it can lead to the failure of the project.  As a effective project manager, you should always keep cool, think quickly and react decisively to fast-evolving challenges.

  • Know each person’s talents

The most effective project managers are ultimately familiar with the capabilities of their team members. To be a true leader, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. By doing this, you will easily distribute the right tasks to the right people.

  • Communicate like a pro

Daily communication with all stakeholders (the team, the sponsor, the customer, the end user, your boss, etc.) can help keep any misunderstandings and disagreements under control. Provide them with all the information on the project and listen to opinions from everyone, even if you don’t completely agree with them. Creating clear communication is essential to project management success.

  • Keep learning

Upskilling is important, and professional development should never stop.  Stay abreast of relevant technology in your industry and keep your knowledge updated, trying to develop new capabilities (learn more practices, lessons, and tips). Demonstrating these habits will set you apart from other PM’s and boost your efficiency and employability.

Now is your time to shine. The more you enjoy your work, the more successful your future projects will be. By putting these habits to your own project management style, you will take your career to new heights and become a effective project manager. And don’t forget to check for updates in our blog — we have so many interesting things to tell you about!


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