e-commerce website development cost

How much does the e-commerce website development cost?

If you have decided to sell online and create your own online shop, you probably think about which company to choose for your web development project. As a true businessman you must also be curious about how much it will cost to build an e-commerce website. The amount you spend will depend on many factors. We’ll describe the main ones in today’s blog post.

Factors that define the cost of e-commerce website development

  • Platform to build with

There are lots of platforms designed specially for e-commerce needs for you to choose from. According to BuiltWith statistics for 2017, the most popular platforms that top eCommerce websites are built with are the following:

Statistics for websites using e-commerce technologies

First place is taken by WooCommerce, an open source ecommerce plugin for WordPress — a famous CMS. By the way, Drupal CMF also has its analog called Drupal Commerce. In the above chart Magento, which is also open source, goes second. For more advanced features there is Magento Enterprise Edition, which costs money.

Most of the platforms are configurable. To set them up in a proper way and do all testings, you need the professional help of programmers. The more customized and custom solutions you want to provide, the more the ecommerce development will cost.

  • Custom functionality

Many open source platforms like Drupal or WordPress have modules and extensions, developed by community, that are able to be downloaded and installed as well as updated for free. So first check whether there are some of them that provide the functionality you need. If not, you should ask a web development company to write a custom code, even if it increases online store development costs.

  • UX/UI web design

The way your ecommerce site will look is another important decision. You can install either free or paid (premium) themes and templates. However, they may not be a perfect fit for your business, so you can do minor alterations to the color scheme or elements placement. You can also offer a completely custom design. This option is obviously the most expensive, but your budget will be justified as you’ll buy uniqueness and meet your special requirements.

  • Hosting costs

The monthly charges for hosting depend on your hosting requirements. Think about the level of scalability, security and speed you need. When choosing web hosting technical support, pay attention to whether it can manage with server problems, quickly troubleshoot downtime, restore data backups and also keep your consumers informed about any changes on a server.

Besides the factors mentioned above there are many others that impact the final cost of e-commerce website development. They are SEO, content creation, stock or custom product photos, email marketing, call tracking and so on. So, as you see, there is no concrete answer for the question of how much it costs to build an eCommerce website. The only thing every web development company can say for sure concerning this is: it all depends. If you want to know the exact answer for your exact case, contact us with your requirements and we’ll make an estimation as well as develop your online store from the sketch.

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