How to Optimize Your Blog for Pinterest

Strategies to Optimize your Blog Posts for Pinterest

Pinterest is not only a super popular social network but also a source of free website conversions and a visual search engine. If you still haven’t begun using it and don’t know how to optimize your blog for Pinterest, then you are behind your competitors.

Today in this blog our website development company will explain:

  • What is Pinterest, and why is it important to your blog traffic?
  • How can you use Pinterest to promote your business?
  • What benefits does a business get from optimizing your blog posts for Pinterest?
  • How can you start a partnership with Pinterest?

and much more.

What is Pinterest and how does it work?

Pinterest is primarily a search engine — it works exactly like Google. This is a place where users from all over the world go looking for ideas, inspiration, and products. For reasons we don't understand, Pinterest is still underestimated by a large percentage of companies — or worse, they misuse it.

Pinterest is the most effective way to promote your blog today. Plus, it's the fastest and easiest way to receive free, high quality traffic to your blog posts. We invite you to learn how to use Pinterest for SEO properly.

How to Optimize Your Blog for Pinterest?

To optimize your content for Pinterest, you first need to register with Pinterest Business. If you already have an account, then move it from “simple” to “business.”

Next, you need to confirm your website URL. After confirmation, you will have access to multifunctional pins.

And to receive all of the business benefits of Pinterest, you still need to optimize your blog posts. This means you need to create attractive images with high-quality content and add them to Pinterest correctly.

Tips for Creating Pinterest Images That People Love to Share

  • Add images that are sized to 735 x 1102 pixels
  • Use only high-quality pictures
  • Make pictures bright to attract attention
  • Pictures with inanimate objects receive more repins than others
  • Create valuable infographics
Tips for Creating Pinterest Images That People Love to Share

Your Pin Should Include:

  • Modern and attention-grabbing images
  • Keywords that accurately describe what your pint is about
  • Your company name in the description
  • An appropriate call to action
  • Your brand logo on the pin

How to Get Found on Pinterest

Before you open all the secrets to optimizing your blog for Pinterest traffic, you still need to know how you can get found on Pinterest. There are 4 main options to do this:

  • Be found via Smart Feed

The Smart Feed is like the main feed on Facebook or Instagram, although content shown in Smart Feed is not shown in chronological order but is selected according to user preferences.

  • Be found via the Following tab

The Following tab is like following users on other social media. Those who subscribe to you will see your new content. The main thing here is that you want to get users interested in following you.

  • Be found via the Hashtag feed

Hashtag feeds appeared on Pinterest more recently than on other social networks. However, it is a good option to beat out your competitors and be found by a new audience. It is recommended to use no more than 2-4 relevant hashtags in each pin.

  • Be found via Search results

This is the last option to be found by users. If, for example, they enter"Porsche" into the search tab, they are given all the pins that qualify — including the pints of your Porsche company.

Best tips to drive more traffic from Pinterest to your blog 

Now it's time to tell you how to optimize your blog posts for Pinterest.

1. Add Pinterest-friendly Images to your Blog

Each of your blogs can be made even more sellable by adding at least one Pinterest-friendly image to it. Integrate a piece of your blog content into an image format and play with the design. Review your previous blogs and dilute them if necessary with images.

2. Create infographics from your old and new blogs

Be sure to take this advice into account. Infographics are probably the type of pin that users pin down most often. Your infographics will encourage your audience to click through to your website.

3. Follow one pins style

You probably also recognize the pins of your favorite blogs and bloggers. Do this with your blog, stick to one pin design on Pinterest, so your brand is easily recognizable among thousands of others.

4. Fill in image descriptions and alt tags

Filling in image descriptions and alt attributes is a must. Because this is how you promote your images and optimize them for search, make them visible to users. After adding a relevant description and alt tags, your pin will be shown on Pinterest search results or someone's recommended pins.

5. Add your Pinterest account to your blog

Just running your Pinterest page without linking your blog to it is a terrible idea. Display your Pinterest account on your blog alongside other social media buttons to show you are there. Alternatively, you can add the "Latest Pins" feed in your sidebar or any part of the site.

6. Focus on profile descriptions

Your bio without proper descriptions can exist in the open, but no user will see it because it will not be search-optimized. Pinterest encourages bio with thoughtful descriptions that help users find what they want, so don’t overlook these important details.

7. Become a verified website

A verified website gets more credibility on Pinterest. As a plus, Pinterest helps promote such sites more often and gives them a high ranking in the searches. Another big plus of verification of your website on Pinterest is access to Pinterest Analytics. With its help, you can better and more accurately track your analytics and audience.

8. Focus on quality, not quantity

Every pin that you add to your board should be high quality — considering the quality of the photo, the quality of its filling, and whether it is an interesting design. It is better to add fewer pins than to add many uninteresting and low-quality pins. Quality will bring you quality leads and a better ranking, so focus on it.

9. Promote your pins with the Pinterest Ads

Leveraging Pinterest Ads is a cool way to promote your Pinterest profile. This is a good way to catch the eye of new audiences and optimize your blog for Pinterest. Your paid pins will be shown in the most suitable places in your home feed.

Best tips to drive more traffic from Pinterest to your Wordpress blog

How Will You Optimize Your Blog for Pinterest?

How you optimize your blog for Pinterest depends on your desires and goals. Above, we've covered some of the best tips for improving your blog posts for Pinterest.

Remember that with Pinterest, you can drive tons of traffic, and increase your conversions and the number of customers.

With the help of WordPress support and maintenance experts, you can optimize your blog for Pinterest faster than you expect. Get professional help at the Wishdesk.

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