Best Law Firm Website Templates

Amazing Law Firm Website Design Templates

The best way to present your law firm is to create a website which will help your clients to discover your company and find out information about you. A great starting point is to use lawyer website templates, which can help you create a professional website.

Nowadays, most people use the Internet to search for a company to judge if they can trust it. If your firm doesn’t have a website, then people won’t choose you.

Different design templates can make creating a website easier, so you won’t think how to do it, just hire a web-development company, which will do it.

Why Do Lawyers Need a Website?

Firstly, let’s discuss why lawyers need a website:

1. Clients can easily find your firm

Nowadays, people search for everything on the Internet. Even if some of them already know your firm, they want to know more and double check what services you are providing. It may also help you to attract more clients.

2. You can easily promote and advertise your firm

Law is a very competitive business, and it is really important to have a chance to understand which services you provide that your competitors do not. You can list these all on your website and bring in new clients.

3. It is a way of communication

Your clients, business partners, or just people who visit your website for the first time, will likely be searching for information — an email, phone number, or direction to your office. With a website, you can update this information at any time to keep it all up to date.

Law Firm Website Design Templates

There are many great templates for law firm websites. Here are some of them:

1. Lawyer

Lawyer law firm website template

Price: $69

Lawyer is a responsive and fast WordPress theme for a law firm, consulting business, and other advocate services in multiple fields. It is Retina ready, has custom unique elements for Visual Composer, modern block layout, and many other features.

2. Solicians

Solicians web template lawyer

Price: $24

Solicians is a modern clean and elegant law firm template. This template includes different variants of design of Homepage, Contact, and so on. Solicians will help you build a website in just one click

3. Law and Justice

Law and Justice law firm website template theme

Price: $75 for one site/$179 unlimited access per year

Law & Justice is a fully responsive template to set up a fast and reliable website for your law firm. Great, elegant and fast, this law website template will help you attract more clients.

4. Attome

Attome law firm website layout

Price: $29

Attome is a clean, unique, and modern Law Firm template. It has a lot of features like clean and modern design, SEO optimized design, carousel elements, an awesome unique look, and many others.

5. Justice

Justice lawyer web layout

Price: $12

Justice is a great template. It is ideal for a law firm or individual lawyer. If you choose a template like Justice, you will be able to choose from three different variants of the Home Page, unique layouts and headers. It is a great variant which will impress your clients.

6. Lawyer Attorneys

Lawyer Attorneys lawyer website template

Price: $59

Lawyer Attorneys is a clean, professional, and modern law website template. There are many core features like a sticky header, unlimited colors, it is SEO optimized, and it has awesome icons.

7. Law firm responsive website template

Law firm responsive website template

Price: $69 for one site/ $179 unlimited access per year

This is a responsive law website template. It has a lot of features, for example, a stick-to-the-top menu, a contact form, font icon, google map, google fonts, documentation, and more.

8. Law Firm Responsive Website Template №2

law firm website template

Price: $69 for one site

This website template is a great solution for law firms or individual lawyers. It is easy to change and can be easily fine-tuned to the display of your website. You can easily edit it just how you want.

9. Oconnor

Oconnor law firm website templates themes

Price: $39

O'Connor is a perfect website template. It has a lot of features, like a unique and fresh design, easy color management, isostere support, and so on.

Key Components of Your Law Firm Website

To make your website attract more customers, you should follow these key components:

1. Responsive design

Responsive design means that your site should adapt to the user's screen size, platform, and orientation. Moreover, it should support the mobile version of every browser and type of devices.

2. Fast load time

You may ask — how fast should it load? Two or three seconds is the best time for a website to take to load. If it takes more than 3 seconds, the user will never come back to your website. Read our article to find out how to increase page load speed.

3. Calls to action

Calls to action are the most important thing on your website. It gives your clients a push, to press the button and get a free consultation, or maybe to fill out a form to download a white paper.

4. Data and analytics

If your website doesn’t provide analytics about your customer's behavior, you can’t understand what they do on your website and your marketing strategy won’t work well.

Launch Your Lawyer Website With Wishdesk

A website is a good decision for your law business, as it will help you attract more clients and post advertisements for your firm. Contact our WishDesk web development team to launch your law website and know we will do it at the highest level.


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