Speed up your WordPres site with the WP Rocket caching plugin

Speed up your WordPres site with the WP Rocket caching plugin

The more plugins and content you add to your site, the slower it gets. One of the best options for speeding up your WordPress site is using the WP Rocket caching plugin. A high loading speed for a WordPress site is a prerequisite for its success. It often impacts the conversion rate and user experience of your website visitors.

So, as you might have already figured out, the WordPress support & maintenance team from Wishdesk will be talking about the Best WordPress caching plugin and how it helps your website stay fast.

What is Website Caching with WP Rocket and Why is it so Important?

The WP Rocket plugin is a mandatory requirement for a successful site and business.

Caching your site from time to time can be compared to taking out the garbage. The same thing happens with your site when you cache it. It's like you take out all the trash from your site. You need to cache your site so that it always works well.

We didn’t chose WP Rocket on a whim — it is considered the best caching plugin on WordPress. It combines a ton of useful features and is very powerful.

What is WP Rocket plugin?

WP Rocket is considered the top WordPress plugin for speeding up the performance of your website. The plugin price starts at $49/year up to $249/year. The best thing about the WP Rocket plugin is that anyone can use it with ease.

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WP Rocket plugin

Top 7 features of WP Rocket

To prove that this plugin is really worth your attention, here are the main features of the WP Rocket plugin.

1. Caching

After you activate the plugin, it will automatically perform its function and use all possible resources to optimize your site. However, to consider all the nuances of your site and better customize it, you should configure it manually.

WP Rocket has static caching enabled. Optionally, you can split files for mobile devices if the mobile page differs in content. Then the plugin creates two copies of the cache pages - one for the desktop and one for the mobile.

By default, the plugin caches static files (styles, fonts, images, scripts) and writes special instructions to the .htaccess file. You can also cache authorized users in case the pages differ in content. This can be done by installing an additional helper.

By default, the plugin does NOT share the cache for tablets. However, when installing an additional helper can also perform this function.

In the plugin settings, you can set the time interval for the cache to be cleared; by default, it is 10 hours. Also, you can delete all cached files with one click. When you make specific changes on the site, this function allows you to delete the entire cache and load the updated web page. Once uninstalled, you can preload it.

2. File Optimization

The plugin functionality adds the ability to optimize the loading of Google fonts, HTML, CSS, JS files. It is quite safe to optimize HTML, but it is worth enabling this parameter and reloading the site page to make sure it does not break this layout.

Certain issues can arise when optimizing CSS and JS, so it is worth checking them the same way. It is also possible, if necessary, to activate some optimization files. This feature allows you to reduce the number of HTTP requests.

This removes unnecessary data such as comments in the code, uses short variables, and removes the code that is not executed without affecting the processing of the data by the browser.

3. Lazy load

The plugin supports lazy loading of media including Youtube. It sequentially loads the image only in the visible area, thereby decreasing the page weight. By default, this option is disabled, but it is one of the most important techniques to speed up the site.

4. Preloading

If you set the cache auto-preload, then it will automatically load the cache files in advance. The Sitemap preloading function loads the cache based on the sitemap. If you use additional plugins like Yoast SEO, wp rocket will automatically know the sitemap and will use it. It is also possible to activate the preload bot. This reloads the cache files when making changes.

5. Database

If the site database is overloaded with spam, revisions, and elements that leave behind third-party plugins, it will slow down the site. WP Rocket has a dedicated section for cleaning the database.

6. Additional tools

The plugin allows you to import and export settings configuration, and install additional helpers to extend the functionality.

7. Developer Friendly

WP Rocket is the leading premium plugin in the WordPress community. It is very easy to use, and has an easy and intuitive interface for configuring the plugin. As a result, you can set it up in a few minutes. The scope of customization covers everything you need to optimize your site as much as possible. The interface is as clear as possible for both casual users and professional developers.

We hope that you see all the benefits of this particular plugin and understand why it is so appreciated in the WordPress world. To get you started with it, we’ll walk you through the  setup process.


Short instructions on how to install WP Rocket plugin on website

  1. First of all, go to the WP-Rocket website and buy the plugin
  2. Choose the most convenient fare plan for you and complete the other steps for your order
  3. You will be informed by email with login details for your account
  4. Login and go to my account, you will see a download link there
  5. Download and save the zip file on your computer
  6. Go to your website admin panel → plugins → add new → Upload Plugin → upload zip file of WP Rocket
  7. Go to your plugins and activate it
  8. It is ready to use!

Is WP Rocket the best caching plugin?

WP Rocket caching plugin is a paid plugin. You might ask, why would I use a paid plugin when there are a large number of free caching plugins?

But every option costs money — without WP Rocket Plugin, it might be that the site loads in 40 seconds, and no one stays on the site long enough to buy anything.

It is crucial for a business that the site loads quickly. Clients won't wait.
Without the caching plugin, a lot of junk will accumulate on it. To avoid cleaning the site  manually, especially if you have no experience with this, you need to install the WP Rocket caching plugin.

Besides, if you have any problems with installation or configuration, you can always contact the web development agency for help.


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