Progressive web apps

The benefits of progressive web apps

The benefits of progressive web apps bring together the benefits of websites and native applications. PWAs are gaining popularity nowadays, which is reasonable. So find out more about this kind of web resources to decide whether you should consider developing a PWA for your business.

What are the benefits of a PWA for your business?

  • Cheaper development than for a native app

If you want to reach the audience of mobile users, make your website responsive or create an application, you can kill two birds with one progressive web app. Among all the different kinds of apps, PWA is the most lucrative solution.

It can be built with no additional technologies and programming languages. That’s why its development will cost you less than any other native app, which also can’t provide site features the way a PWA can do.

  • Installable on all devices

Progressive web applications bring together all the best from mobile apps, desktop apps and websites. This revolutionary new and combined type of web resource is displayed very well on any type of hardware that users may have. A PWA provides a full-screen experience (with no URL-address bar) for any screen size. Moreover, it can be installed on any smartphone, tablet and even desktop. This allows you to reach a wider audience of users if you create a PWA for your business.

Progressive Web Apps
  • No downloading required

PWA launches directly from a browser, like websites, and for fast opening in the future it can be added to a home screen with one click. As a result, an icon appears on the user’s screen, which enhances your brand recognition.

No need to download anything from an app store means fewer steps for users to begin interacting with your progressive web app. This simplification improves user experience for sure and encourages users to start using your PWA.

  • No app store bureaucracy involved

Publishing a native app in an app store is a long process full of hassles, because of reviews, technical requirements, community guidelines and so on. You have to go through many steps before you are allowed to place a native app. You also have to decide which app store to choose. For each you have to go through the same steps.

All this app store bureaucracy is avoided if you have a progressive web app. The PWA benefits are no hassle for you and less time for your product to appear on the market and become available for users.

Moreover, there is no need for users to search your progressive web application on app stores, so users can’t be distracted by your competitors’ apps and advertisement and change their minds in favor of somebody’s else alternative solution.

  • Fast and easy automatic updating

In order to be allowed to publish every version of a native app in app stores, you have to go through the long process of reviews and checks. Updating a progressive web app, on the other hand, is not as painful and time-consuming. You just code, do mobile testing and go live, that’s it.

One more benefit of a progressive web apps updates is that when you add a new functionality or a new piece of content to your PWA, after indexation your users immediately see it and are aware of the changes without any efforts from their side, like a website. So you can continually improve your web product and update it with ease as often as you need it. Your users won’t be annoyed by the requests to download and install ever-evolving new versions, which is great for UX.

  • Ability to work offline

When there is a poor or no Internet connection, an ordinary website won’t load and users can’t see it. PWA, however, is not limited and is able to work offline due to using cached data from previous online activities. If, let us say, you have an online store, customers can keep on looking through your product pages after the Internet disconnects.

Having an offline node increases customer retention and engagement by letting users stay longer on your web resource and use it even when you have no Internet access.

  • Push notifications

A PWA is able to send push notifications to users. This allows you to make users not forget about your progressive web application and use it more often. People have become accustomed to push notifications as a convenient way to stay informed about any changes related to the apps they have installed, and they can enjoy this feature with your progressive web apps, too.

Progressive web apps have many benefits for both your company and your customers and satisfied users are always a benefit for a business. If you want to develop a PWA for your business, email us and our specialists who, by the way, can develop a progressive web app or website. They will do their best for you.


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