Retina Images for Your Website

Retina Images for Your Website: Prepare Your Platform for a New Era of Displays

Retina displays improve viewing experience and increase user satisfaction because of their high pixel density. Although retina displays aren’t something new, many websites are still not adjusted to them. If the platform is not retina-ready, the web content will look blurry and unclear.

Retina Images for Your Website

Media content and graphic design play a vital role for positive user experience and help keep visitors on your website. As more and more retina-based gadgets appear on the market, adopting the website to this technology should be in your to-do list. After reading this article, don’t forget to contact our web development company to make your platform retina-ready.

And now let’s discover what a retina image is and how to create it.   

What is a Retina Image?

A Retina image is an image created specifically to look sharp on a Retina display. Websites which are not optimized for these screens by comparison look blurry and less appealing. That’s why the technology being used to display the images you’ve implemented on your digital platform is an important consideration. Who doesn’t want the best, sharpest looking images?

 regular vs retina image

How to Make Your Website Retina-Ready? 

To make your website retina-ready, use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) whenever possible.

SVG is an XML-based graphic format that presents images in high quality. SVG images can be viewed in Internet browsers that use XML or be displayed on mobile phones in SVGB or SVGT file formats.

Unlike jpeg and gif images, SVG files are made of vector shapes. They remain smooth and clear on any devices. Implement SVG format to provide your customers with sharp images and positive viewing experience.

difference between jpeg and svg

Trouble occurs with bitmap and other raster image formats like jpeg or gif. Once these images are created and stored, the amount of information (in terms of bits per pixel) they contain is fixed. That’s why these formats look blocky or ‘pixelated’ when stretched to fill a larger screen area than originally intended.

To create a bitmap Retina image you need to take a larger image, with double the amount of pixels that your image will be displayed at (200 x 200 pixels), and set the image to fill half of that space (100 x 100 pixels).

If your website is on Drupal or WordPress, there are some other ways to produce Retina images:

Why is Retina Important for Your Website?

Most of the latest devices incorporate retina displays. In order to provide positive user experience, it is vital to accommodate retina images while developing a website.

Making images accessible for all the users is a cornerstone of our business philosophy. Contact WishDesk today for more information about our web development and design services to meet the needs of users through ever-changing technologies.


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