Shoppable content in a WordPress website

Shoppable Content in WordPress: How To Embed Shoppable Instagram Feeds On Website

Shoppable content on a WordPress website is one of the latest trends in online sales. As a result, many owners have noticed a significant increase in sales.

Previously, to make a purchase, it was necessary to do a lot of steps. As a result, some clients got lost and never became buyers. Shoppable posts decrease the required number of steps to purchase a product. Such a quick and easy way to make a purchase did not leave time for the buyers to change their minds.

The web development agency offers a guide to shoppable content in WordPress as the main way to grow your sales and traffic.

What is shoppable content?

Shoppable content allows you to shorten the buyer's journey. Shoppable content can be expressed in any form:

  • via photo
  • via video
  • via blog
  • via quiz


That is, users can buy a product right from the place where they saw it. For example, you saw a picture of an apartment with a very cool sofa. Now you can hover the cursor over the sofa's image, and you will see the price and can add products to the cart directly, without having to go to the site.

Shoppable content makes it easy to buy here and now, in a moment of inspiration and emotional impulse.

Your main task is to create selling content and attach a link to it for ordering it with the price and details. It is a faster and more result-oriented way of buying.

How do Shoppable Posts Work?

To buy an item via a shoppable post, your visitors should follow these steps:

  • open a video or photo of an interesting product
  • tap on product
  • fill out personal and card details to complete the purchase
  • click "buy"

that’s all.

Benefits of the Shoppable Content Solution on WordPress website

  1. a great way to drive traffic from social media to your WordPress website
  2. increases the number of sales
  3. grabs the attention of users
  4. ensuring the best possible shopping experience
  5. grow your revenue
  6. increased conversion rate and brand awareness
  7. provides a streamlined shopping experience
Benefits of the Shoppable Content on WordPress website

This is a minimal list of the benefits you can get by implementing a shoppable Instagram feed on your WordPress website.

The 5 main types of shoppable content:

1. Shoppable Images

Shoppable images or shoppable product images are the most common type of shoppable content today. This way of presenting goods immediately attracts the attention of buyers.

Attractive photos that show products in a harmonious setting will not leave anyone indifferent. As a result of this emotional push, customers make purchases without the risk of cart abandonment.

2. Shoppable blogs

Blogging for companies is one of the important and working marketing tactics. Over time, their effectiveness drops a little, which is why now is the time to make your articles shoppable — for example, articles about a product, its functionality, and options for using it influence the readers.

Blog posts are like a diary that is read and trusted by thousands of users. Take advantage of this and encourage customers to make a purchase. Add "Buy It Now" options to your blog and increase your conversion rate.

3. Shoppable emails

As you already know, any digital content can be created with a purchase option. The same can be done with emails. When we talk about shoppable email content, we mean not just product cards placed in the emails, but above all an interesting story, ideas, and solutions that delight the reader.

By using shoppable content in your emails, you will definitely increase your purchasing power — but make sure that this content is delivered to your target audience.

4. Shoppable video

Today, just adding an attractive video is not enough, you need to make it shoppable. Videos are the type of content that most buyers love. That is why YouTube is so popular among users. You can make your video shoppable by adding advertisements for the products featured.

One good example of a shoppable video is an ad made by Adidas. When you click on it, it pops up with the option to select and buy the products featured in the ad.

5. Shoppable quizzes

A shoppable quiz is the type of content that allows customers to receive advice on the purchase of a particular product in the most personalized way. The bottom line is that the site visitor answers a certain number of questions in order to get a personalized product recommendation.

The 5 main types of shoppable content

Top plugins to create shoppable content on WordPress

One of the easiest ways to create shoppable content on your WordPress site is to use one of the free plugins.

Best WordPress plugins for adding shoppable content

  1. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed
  2. Shoppable Social Media Galleries by SNPT
  3. LookBook for WooCommerce – Shoppable with Product Tags
  4. Shoppable Images
  5. Spotlight Social Media Feeds
  6. Product Reviews & UGC for WooCommerce

Embed shoppable Instagram feeds on your website with the Wishdesk!

Whatever types of shoppable content you choose to sell your products will bring you undeniable benefits. By using shoppable content in any form of expression, you will increase the purchase opportunity. But you need to make sure that this content is delivered to the target audience.

We hope you found this blog helpful and inspiring for adding shoppable content to your business. Our web development experts will be happy to implement any of your ideas.


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