The Perfect Careers Page: The best careers page examples

13 Best Career Page Examples

Are you missing skilled workers? You are not alone, most companies now face this problem. If you are really serious about recruiting and want to get only the best talent from around the world, then you need to create a career page.

In today's hiring world, a simple job listing on your site no longer works. To hire others, you need a dedicated, well thought out career page. It's like a lead generation page, just for generating pros.

Today WishDesk web development agency presents you with a list of the best career page examples. Enjoy and get inspired!

What is a career page, and why does your company need it?

The professional, and dynamic careers page is a special page where you provide all information about vacancies, answer the most common questions, and represent your company as profitably as possible.

This page must be flawless. It can be compared to a page on a dating site or a portal that connects the world of job seekers and the world of your company.

By creating such a page, you can take into account all the requirements and give a complete understanding of your company and vacanciesy. Your career page is the main recruitment marketing tool if you want to attract gen Z hires.

Best tips for creating a stand-out career page

  • Make your company career page mobile-friendly
  • Show your team members to convey the atmosphere
  • Highlight the benefits of working for your company
  • Keep your career page up to date
  • Add live chats to quickly reply to candidates
  • Build a personalized communication with the candidate
  • Secure job seekers personal data

Top 13 examples of career pages

Wishdesk scoured the internet inside and out to find quality career page examples worthy of your attention.

1. SpaceX

SpaceX is an aerospace company located in America. Elon Musk himself said, "SpaceX was founded under the belief that a future where humanity is out exploring the stars is fundamentally more exciting than one where we are not."

The main slogan of their career page is "FIND YOUR FUTURE". Immediately on the page, future potential employees can find benefits from working in the Elon Musk team.
The entire page is well designed, simple, and user-friendly. Images and content are fully consistent with the industry and direction of work. There is something about this page that inspires people to conquer the stars and other planets.


2. Hubspot

HubSpot is America's leading B2B marketing and software products company. On their page, HubSpot says that "We'd love to get to know you."

The main slogan of their career page is "LET'S GROW TOGETHER."
At Hubspot's career page, job seekers can find many calls to join the team. It also clearly lists the benefits of working in the company, corporate photos, and a description of expectations in an employees' future. In general, the career page conveys a serious company mood and a friendly atmosphere.


3. Spotify

Spotify is an innovative and renowned digital music service. Their careers website 100% reflects the spirit, uniqueness, and atmosphere of the company. The entire page is made in bright colors and using advanced technologies.

Their main slogan is "JOIN THE BAND." The whole philosophy of the brand is found in it. Besides, the site navigation is well thought out, and it is easy to find the jobs you want. As Spotify itself says, "Audio is global, so we are too. Wherever in the world you're looking for a new role, chances are, we're there" — and it's true.


4. Airbnb

Airbnb is a company that works in the travel and host sphere. Airbnb's career page is as simple and aesthetically pleasing as possible and very "warm." Their entire page demonstrates the type of workers they need. Unsurprisingly, Airbnb's site ranks as one of the best examples of career pages.

The main slogan of the company is "WHAT'S YOUR NEXT DESTINATION?" Since the site is very spacious, all vacancies are easily searched. Also, a significant advantage is the quick engagement of the page.


5. Apple

Apple is a company that we probably don’t need to include, since apparently everyone in the world already knows what it is. "JOIN US. BE YOU" is the main message of Apple's career. The entire page is made in a corporate style that cannot be confused with anything else.

The content on the site is written in a conversational style and creates a friendly atmosphere. A video on the site conveys the brand's philosophy and expectations to prospective candidates.
At the end of the page, Apple has a message: "Come to Apple, where thousands of individual imaginations gather together to pave the way to innovation. Here, you'll do more than join something - you'll add something."


6. L’Oréal

L’Oréal is a world-renowned personal care company. The main career page shows their main slogan for finding future employees: "FREEDOM TO GO BEYOND."

All vacancies are divided by industry. You can search for vacancies by entering a keyword. Here you can find brief information about the company, its views and philosophy.


7. Pinterest

Pinterest is a worldwide media platform where users can get a new breath of inspiration from images and videos, and its career page reflects that. There is a video at the top of the page that captures the whole work atmosphere in their offices. In the video, employees talk about all the benefits of working on Pinterest and describe how things work.

To summarize, Pinterest clearly showed future employees' requirements and just as clearly showed what the company offers for them. "We're just getting started. Join us as we continue to scale internationally, expand our partnerships, and build the world's first visual discovery engine. Join the team."


8. Netflix

Netflix is a well-known American movie and TV shows platform and production company. We bet you have watched at least one Netflix movie or series. Their career page is as great as their films.

You can find the job you want by keyword. The Netflix career page's main slogan is "A GREAT WORKPLACE COMBINES EXCEPTIONAL COLLEAGUES AND HARD PROBLEMS."
Historically, future employees can find answers to any possible questions, as well as learn more about the company itself.


9. Salesforce

Salesforce is a giant among cloud-based software companies. If you go to their career page, you will feel their unique spirit and uniqueness. You can immediately see that they tried hard when they created this page.

Their main message is "TRANSFORM YOUR EVERYDAY." The career page provides reasons to get started with Salesforce, shows the company's culture, and the benefits that employees will receive. Salesforce wrapped up with the words, "At Salesforce, we strive to create an accessible and inclusive experience for all candidates."


10. United Airlines

United Airlines is the first American airline. "We believe the success of our airline depends on the success of each individual - so you can have your dream career and count on our support every step of the way." These are the words that start their career page.

The site allows everyone to explore vacancies, opportunities, and benefits of working at United Airlines. Their main message is, “CAPTAIN YOUR CAREER.” The last part of the site is charming, as it tells the success stories of real people who have worked for United Airlines.

United Airlines

11. Zoom

Zoom is a cloud platform for video and audio communication. It is the digital tool that has taken the lead, especially since the arrival of Covid.

The Zoom сareer page is as simple and focused on finding a job as possible.
The page is made in a corporate style. No calls, just specific proposals with detailed requirements for candidates.


12. PepsiCo

PepsiCo is a multinational food corporation, and it has created a career page to invite people to cooperate from all over the world. This page is designed in a company spirit using bold colors to convey the emotions of the company. "YOUR TALENT. OUR STAGE" is the main slogan of PepsiCo.

This quote fully conveys the message, "Go just about anywhere and you'll find us. We're on every continent, infused in the daily lives of billions. At PepsiCo, you'll be at the center of excitement, shaping global trends like nowhere else. This is where business connects with culture. We work with artists, musicians, entertainers, and influencers to create the future of consumer experiences. Let's work together and make ideas that ripple in every corner of the world. "


13. Google

We don't even think it`s worth telling you what Google is. Ask Google what Google is.It is obvious that Google has a well-designed and well-designed career page. The main slogan of the career page is "FIND YOUR NEXT JOB AT GOOGLE". The career page includes answers to frequently asked questions, a list of offers and an overview of their hiring process.


Create your best career page to attract valuable workers to your team!

We sincerely hope these selected and best examples will inspire you to create or improve your own career page.

All career page examples that you see here are carefully selected and mentioned for a good reason. Our web designers will be happy to help you create your career page at any time.


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