Top eCommerce Trends [Experts' Insight]

Top eCommerce Trends [Experts' Insight]

It is time to create an eCommerce forecast. We already told you earlier that eCommerce has changed dramatically.

In order to know what to expect soon, the Wishdesk web development agency is dedicating this blog to eCommerce trends for 2022. Let's take a look at the top eCommerce trends to watch out for in 2022.

The Future of Ecommerce: 8 Hot Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

1. Voice commerce search

Voice search on the site is a trend that will undoubtedly continue to grow in 2022. Both Google and Amazon are actively investing in the development of voice assistants. This is perhaps the primary confirmation that this trend and the way of searching for a product will be fixed for a long time in our society. 

Therefore, optimizing your website for voice search in 2022 will open up new opportunities for you, expand your customer market and modernize your website.

Short Tips for Voice Search in 2022:

  • optimize your main content for voice search
  • add voice search on the mobile version of your site
  • check if your products can be bought using only voice commands
Voice commerce search

2. Multichannel sales at the top

COVID-19 has changed consumer behavior in 2020. One of the tangible trends will be multichannel sales of services and goods.Those who will only sell through a site may go bankrupt. Integrate your site with various networks and platforms. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and others will still be effective platforms for selling. Don't forget to develop your brand in every possible direction.

Having a multichannel selling strategy will allow you to sell more products or services and build brand awareness.

Short Tips for multichannel selling in 2022:

  • be active on other social networks
  • integrate your site with all possible platforms
Perfecting Your Multi-Channel Sales Strategy

3. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality

Already today, the owners of online stores understand the need to be different from the competition. To do this, Artificial intelligence is increasingly attractive.
In 2022, Artificial intelligence and augmented reality will take a strong place among the eСommerce trends.

By adding them to your site, you will allow your customers to see how this or that purchase will look or whether it will be suitable for their apartments. As a result, you get many benefits, such as interested customers, increased income and conversions.

Short Tips for Artificial intelligence and augmented reality in 2022:

  • don't be afraid to add Artificial intelligence and augmented reality to your site
  • use them to bring you and your visitors a unique user experience
Artificial intelligence and augmented reality

4. New payment methods

We are not the first to tell you that paying for purchases from a mobile device should be available on every site. Mobile payments on your website are convenient for your customers. The more varied payment methods there are, the more customers will be on the site.

However, in 2022, we predict that new payment methods will spread. This includes paying for purchases through cryptocurrencies.

Main Tip for payment methods in 2022:

  • add the most convenient ways to pay for the website`s user
New payment methods

5. Mobile commerce at the first position

In 2022, over 70% of all purchases will be made from mobile devices. That’s more than half!
Therefore, do not hesitate to configure the correct operation of your site on different devices. In 2022, you should fully focus on the mobile version of your website. Imagine yourself as your client and test the mobile version of your site yourself. If it is not convenient for you to use, then your users will be the same!

Fix all the problems and enjoy all the benefits and high income from the mobile version.

Main Tips for mobile commerce trend in 2022:

  • check it yourself to see if it is convenient to use the mobile version of your site
  • simplify your mobile purchase and checkout process
Mobile commerce at the first position

6. Greening will impact sales

It is predicted that in 2022 green consumption will come to the fore.Every year this trend gains new momentum. Buyers assume that the sustainability of a product influences their decision. 
This applies not only to sustainable packaging and sustainable delivery methods but also to companies working to preserve the world around us.

Show your customers how you care about the environment to win their hearts. For example, you can deliver your goods by electric cars/bicycles, donate some of the funds to charity, etc.

Tips for Green consuming trend in 2022:

  • grow your business and help preserve the environment at the same time
  • show specific eco results from time to time
Greening will impact sales

7. Multichannel Personalization

Personalization in everything is another hot eСommerce trend in the upcoming 2022. Personalization and customization for each client shows them that they really matter to you. Users will return to you, if not for a product or service, then at least for the pleasant user experience that he or she received.

You can create personalized newsletters, add a chatbot to your site, and many more options. Personalized sites will win in 2022. Previous experience shows that after personalization, the business earns 25% higher revenues.

Main Tip for Personalization in 2022:

  • add a chatbot to your website to personalize it and help customers find what they want
  • create personalized mailings
Multichannel Personalization

8. Dynamic pricing

The Dynamic Pricing trend will continue to win the hearts of both sellers and buyers. Dynamic pricing software helps you set the best price for the product you are selling. This software collects and analyzes data from your competitors and shows you up-to-date data on the recommended price you should set.

Adding dynamic pricing software to your website in 2022 will help companies stay competitive, save time finding all this information on their own, and attract more customers.

Main Tips for dynamic pricing trend in 2022:

  • add dynamic pricing software to see the real picture of product prices
  • consider the recommendations, as they are reasonable
Dynamic pricing

Ecommerce Trends for 2022: Which ones to choose?

2020 turned out to be tough for eСommerce sites. However, those who decided not to grumble about the situation and instead changed quickly won.

To be ready for next year, you simply have to know about eCommerce trends for 2022. We have collected and combined for you only the really relevant and important eСommerce trends that will have an important impact on your business in 2022.

Although we have named the top 8 eCommerce trends for 2022, that does not mean you should add all eight to your site at once. First, add two or three, and then you will see the result.

If you already have one of them, but do not feel the desired result, then it is quite probable that it was added incorrectly to your site and was not tailored specifically for your business. In this case, we would advise you to hire professional web developers to eliminate any errors. Our team is always happy to help you, add a new feature, fix existing ones or anything else related to professional web development.


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