Best WordPress TikTok Plugins

Best WordPress TikTok Plugins of 2020

If you haven't heard of TikTok, then you either have no Internet or are 100 years old. This social video network app has become viral among around the world very, very quickly.

We decided to write you a blog on how to properly integrate TikTok into your WordPress site without bugs or other possible problems. So today we are talking about the top TikTok WordPress plugin.

You need to add a TikTok WordPress feed to your website if you want to dramatically increase your website traffic, its attractiveness, as well as your brand awareness. Get some useful information from WordPress web developers at  Wishdesk.

What’s TikTok?

As we said, TikTok is a social video network app that has become extremely popular among already existing social networks. We suggest you look at a few basic facts about the app:

Top 10 facts about TikTok

  • appeared in 2016
  • was invented in China
  • translated into more than 40 languages
  • it is used by over 1.5 billion worldwide.
  • uses artificial Intelligence to figure out which video could go viral
  • users spend more than 52 minutes daily
  • provide localized content
  • used in over 155 countries
  • is the most popular downloaded app on the Apple Store today
  • America has over 30,000,000 active users
Top facts about TikTok

Best TikTok Plugins for WordPress

Below you will find a list and description of the top WordPress plugins that will help you to integrate TikTok into your website. Why do this?

Integrating your WordPress site with TikTok will allow you to embed TikTok Videos in WordPress. That is, you can advertise yourself there and accordingly increase your income and not only.

Top 5 TikTok Plugins for WordPress Website

1. QuadLayers TikTok Feed

QuadLayers TikTok Feed is the most popular plugin adding a TikTok WordPress feed to your website.

Main features:

  • installation takes just a few clicks
  • displays Tik Tok videos right on your website
  • uses caching
  • settings for video, buttons, colors
  • adaptable to various devices
  • integrates with various themes 
  • uses Pop-up media lightbox
QuadLayers TikTok Feed

Last updated: 1 month ago

Price: free

2. Add Tiktok Advertising Pixel for Tiktok App

Add Tiktok Advertising Pixel for Tiktok App is an easy-to-use plugin for seeing visitor conversions and ad ROI.

Main features: 

  • installation in a few clicks
  • keeps track of all advertising statistics
  • improves audience settings
  • shows your user behavior on your site
  • adds part of the TikTok video directly to your website
  • easy to interact with Woocommerce
Add Tiktok Advertising Pixel for Tiktok App

Last updated: 3 week ago

Price: free/ starts at $6.99 per month

3. Embed Block for TikTok

Embed Block for TikTok is a useful plugin, mostly to embed TikTok videos on any page of your site or posts.

Main features:

  • is a lightweight tool
  • almost instantly adds videos wherever you want
  • compatible with Gutenberg and WordPress Editor
  • works without shortcodes
  • uses the URL to add the desired video from Tiktok
  • easy to use
Embed Block for TikTok

Last updated: 2 month ago

Price: free

4. Embed Tik Tok Video Feed

Embed TikTok Video Feed is considered the most friendly WordPress plugin for working with TikTok.

Main features:

  • places and plays your videos on the site
  • gives many possibilities for editing
  • full control over the video view
  • suitable for different screen sizes
  • easy to install
  • does not automatically play video
  • allows you to change fonts on the video
Embed Tik Tok Video Feed

Last updated: 1 month ago

Price: free / starts at $29 per month

5. Video Downloader for TikTok

Video Downloader for TikTok is a super-easy plugin for downloading your TikTok videos.

Main features:

  • downloads videos from different TikTok URLs
  • uses shortcode
  • easy to use
  • adaptive to phones
  • no restrictions on downloads
  • translated into different languages
Video Downloader for TikTok

Last updated: 2 month ago

Price: free

8 famous brands that are killing it on TikTok

TikTok works. As proof,  here is a list of 8 famous brands that actively use Tiktok.

  1. Red Bull
  2. The Washington Post
  3. Guess
  4. Sephora
  5. Calvin
  6. Klein
  7. Mercedes-Benz 
  8. Netflix
  9. NBA

Ask yourself, would such well-known brands waste time on nonsense? That is why we strongly advise you to integrate TikTok into your WordPress site.

Integrate WordPress TikTok Plugins into your website at Wishdesk!

Adding WordPress TikTok Plugins is a great way to stay on-trend and build your brand awareness.

It is an undeniable fact that TikTok is a good option for promoting your business and increasing your customer base. 

This is a new trend, and adding a TikTok WordPress plugin to your site might work out well for you. So don’t waste time, but do it now with the web development agency Wishdesk.


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