Why do you need a website for your startup? Key reasons to build a startup with Drupal

Benefits Of A Website For A Startup Business

The number of startups is growing every year, as is the number of websites for these startups.

But sometimes startup owners neglect to create a website for their new business —  this is mojor mistake. Why is the lack of a startup site a mistake?

A startup site is the easiest way to express your startup idea, and spread it to many potential sponsors or customers.

Our web development agency has experience in quickly creating product sites that fit your budget.

If you still doubt whether it is necessary to create a website for a startup, then read on — you will find good reasons to get a site.

Website for a startup — does every startup need a website?

A website for a startup is a prerequisite for the success of your business. Why do we say that? 

A startup is a new business that may have a brilliant idea, but may not have support. If a startup does not have support, then it may forever remain just an idea.

Your main task is to tell as many people as possible about the startup. It is here that the website will help.

Digital space has become a popular place for disseminating information, so use it to your advantage!

What do you need for a startup to become successful?

  • a cool fresh idea
  • funds to implement it
  • sharing the idea across the world

So use the Internet!

Does my startup business really need a website?

In 2020, we all felt changes in the digital marketing sphere in particular. People rushed to websites, because they did not have the opportunity to visit physical stores. The 2020 statistics show that people are more likely to switch to the online services industry.

Even if you previously thought that there are areas and services that simply cannot be promoted through the Internet, then you are mistaken. Now any activity and any business can exist in the form of a website and generate revenue. Let's look at a real example. For example, fitness clubs just went online and started online classes. And why not?

A startup is not only about a product, it is also about services. Do not hesitate to create websites for startups — we expect that websites for a startups will only becomes more popular and necessary!

Top myths about the creation of a website for a startup

Myth 1. Creating a professional website for a startup is expensive

We know how it’s important for a startup to manage funds rationally. But creating a site does not cost as much as you might think.

We think Drupal is a great fit for an MVP. So you can save money, create a site and in the process of development change it. Build a website for a startup like a Lego set.

Myth 2. Phew, I created a site. Now I`ll be trending for sure!

Unfortunately, just creating a website for a startup is not enough. For users to know about your startup, you need to develop it.

At a minimum, optimize it for SEO so that users find it. You can create a site that users simply couldn't find. Then all the funds that you spend on its creation will be wasted.

Myth 3. There is no need to create a website for a startup if your competitors do not have it.

The fact that your competitors do not have sites should not stop your development. They may provide poor competition, but that is no execuse.

You can create one and overcome your competitors. This is a great opportunity to promote your startups to a new level, ahead of your competitors.

8 Advantages to having a website for a startup

1. Your startup will look more professional

Imagine yourself at the place of your client. Who would you trust your funds to?

  • a startup/company that has its own website on which there is additional information you can check
  • a startup/company that does not have a website and that you can’t find something

The answer is obvious. The lack of a website for your startup is suspicious of your clients and investors. 

2. More investors can find out about your startup.

Having a website for a startup you can attract even more investors since you will increase your visibility on the Internet. 

It`s the digital age — the Internet is the best way to find anything. Having a website erases geographic boundaries.

3. You can save money on promotion

After you create a website for your startup, you will see how much less money you spend on it. Creating a site is only expensive if you collaborate with unscrupulous development agencies.

Just try to calculate how much you spend on advertising, meetings to promote your startup, etc. Creating a website will cost you less.

4. It will make you recognizable

Visibility in online spaces is the best free advertisement. To be successful, one must be recognizable.

Previously, word of mouth was the best marketing. Now, before buying something, people look for it on the Internet and read reviews. That is, the same word of mouth became a little bit more digital. Do not forget about the power of a web presence.

5. It help beat your competitors

To become better than your competitors, you need to offer something that is better than what they provide. A startup business site will help you do this. 

It will help you advertise more actively and productively, create the right image about you, and much more. This will be especially helpful if your competitors do not have a site, or do not promote it.

6. It forms a wonderful portfolio and hosts feedback on cooperation with you

Perhaps one of the best advantages of a website for a startup is the ability to keep a portfolio and reviews about you in one place. 

The first thing that customers are interested in is who you are and how you work. The portfolio is the face of your company, show it and you will get the desired return.

7. You will have time for productive work

When you have a website for a startup, then your productivity increases. You no longer need to humbly explain each time to your clients or investors who you are, how you work, etc. 

You just need to post information on the site once, and that’s all. The site saves you time and the time of your team. You can use it to improve products and services, or just to relax.

8. Connection with you will not be lost under any circumstances

The site allows you to be accessible at any time of the day or night for your customers. You do not depend on weather conditions, pandemics, and millions of other problems. 

You always remain connected, and it`s wonderful.

Advantages of Drupal for a startup

When choosing a CMS on which a website will be created for a startup, you need to consider the needs and requirements of a startup. We believe that Drupal is the best CMS for a startup. Here`s why.

Why Drupal for startups?

  • multilingualism

Drupal is a multilingual website. This is awesome as it’s important for a startup to spread your idea across the globe.

  • dynamic content

Drupal allows you to stay with the trends due to the modernized content types, which will attract users' attention.

  • MVP

MVP is a great opportunity for startups on Drupal. You can run the site with minimal settings and it will work. Later you can develop and improve it.

  • Drupal community

The Drupal support community is considered one of the largest. You have nothing to worry about, as almost all questions have already been answered by Drupal developers.


WYSIWYG allows you to immediately see how the site will look after certain changes, even before saving this data.

  • SEO friendliness

Drupal works for your startup as it becomes SEO optimized, that is, it appears towards the top of the Google search results.

  • unique design and features

A startup site must also be unique in order to stand out among the crowds. Drupal has thousands of accessible themes and modules.

  • high security

The startup site created on Drupal will be reliably protected from hacker attacks and information leakage.

Create a website for a startup at web development agency Wishdesk

These are not all the advantages of Drupal CMS, there are even more. We hope that after reading the article you will see that creating a website for a startup has only advantages.

If you have a startup, then without a doubt create a website for it!

Drupal developers will be able to realize your crazy ideas at an affordable price since Wishdesk has recently switched to a highly effective model of cooperation.


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