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7 reasons why you need Drupal website maintenance

Greetings to everyone who has a website built on Drupal! The sky is the limit to what you can achieve with it, considering the amazing power and flexibility of the CMF — and the best Drupal website examples prove it. However, getting a fresh and shiny website is like buying a new car — it works and looks awesome, but it needs regular care. So let’s outline at least seven of the million reasons why you definitely need Drupal website maintenance.

7 pros of Drupal website maintenance

  • Hosting and uptime monitoring

Do you have an awesome website? Don’t be greedy, let others enjoy it! ;) For all the World Wide Web to admire your site 24/7, with no interruptions, you will need to host it with a reliable host that offers uptime monitoring. Choose a team with professional DevOps services in its arsenal.

  • Your Drupal website needs updates

Drupal changes together with the flying time! Having your Drupal core, modules, and themes updated is vital for security, new features, better performance, and so on.

For example, Drupal 8.5.0 impressed everyone with its novelties. This includes working with layouts, arranging your site’s blocks, adding interesting media, organizing content approval workflows, using smart caching techniques for better speed (BigPipe enabled out-of-box), and much more.

However, sometimes it's the security that comes first. There have recently been highly critical security announcements. According to these announcements, your site will be protected if you update to Drupal 8.5.1 (for Drupal 8) or to Drupal 7.5.8 (for Drupal 7).

On your own, it is not always easy to make updates, or to react quickly to extraordinary situations like this. It is great to know you can entrust this to a Drupal maintenance team who can both track necessary updates and perform them for you.

  • Drupal upgrades: reaching a new level

What we mentioned in our previous chapter are so-called minor Drupal updates. However, there also are major Drupal releases that come once every several years and bring huge changes. For now, the latest one is Drupal 8, which is an almost complete rebuild of Drupal 7.

Looking at Drupal 8’s benefits, it is almost impossible to resist the temptation to upgrade! These include awesome multilingual opportunities, a mobile-first approach, smooth interaction with third-party applications, easy content editing, improved theming, modern HTML5 markup, and so much more.

Still using Drupal 7? Maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade to Drupal 8. Or are you using Drupal 6? If so, you should hurry up, because this version has been obsolete since February 2016 — upgrade ASAP.

A website upgrade is a very responsible step. Its duration and costs may vary according to a site’s complexity and custom features. Whatever the case is, a good Drupal website maintenance team will be able to handle it smoothly.

  • Add new features to your heart’s content

Today, you may be absolutely happy with your website, and tomorrow you may get new ideas or your business needs may change. Drupal websites have a higher level of scalability, so they can grow together with your ambitions. In addition, it is possible to create custom modules in Drupal for literally anything you wish.

In addition, more integration is possible in Drupal 8 especially. Let’s imagine, for example, that you want to output your website’s data to a mobile application. You don’t need to have your site rebuilt from scratch — just apply to the Drupal website maintenance team to add new, awesome features.

  • Your Drupal site at the speed of light

Does your website work fast enough? If the answer is “no” or “I’m not sure,” some action is needed. Even if the answer is “yes,” maybe you just don’t know what “fast enough” can be! There are many traditional and brand-new techniques in Drupal to speed your website up, so let’s use the ones that suit your site best.

A thorough website audit and optimization from a Drupal website maintenance team will help you. Its mission is to discover and fix the weak spots in your site’s speed.

  • More Google’s respect

“OK, Google. Will you rank my website higher?” It would be so nice to have this request fullfilled! And Drupal offers the opportunity to do this, as it is known for its high level of SEO friendliness. So make sure your site is using Drupal’s great SEO modules and SEO techniques.

A good website maintenance team usually has SEO experts who perform a Drupal website SEO audit and optimization in tandem with Drupal developers.

  • There’s never too much security

Drupal has security in its DNA. However, to fully enjoy it, enhance its level, and never leave hackers the tiniest chance, you need to stick to good security practices. Sticking to timely security updates is just one of them.

There are lots of other practices like restricting access to important files, protecting the login procedures, setting up an order for Drupal roles and permissions, removing obsolete modules, using HTTPS, doing backups, and more.

Let a reliable Drupal team take a closer look at what’s fulfilled and what’s not on your website. All the tiniest security flaws will be found and fixed.

Final thoughts

These are just seven reasons for you to get Drupal website maintenance — it would take volumes to list them all. Maintenance services can actually include whatever you need to be fixed, improved, or added to your website.

It can be a a quick fix, an emergency, a small task or a long-term project, a small idea or a big dream! Regardless, we are always there for you.

Drop us a line and enjoy Drupal website maintenance services by our experienced team!


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