Zoom integration with a WordPress or Drupal website

Zoom integration with a WordPress or Drupal website: happy video conferencing!

Video conferencing became part of our lives quite a while ago. Remote jobs, studies, communication, online consultations, or cooperation with overseas customers — the list of possible opportunities could go on.

However, the Corona quarantine has started a new page in the popularity of video conferencing tools. When the crisis is over, the traditions of remote interaction will last. People have appreciated how many things are available in a remote mode — all they need is a good tool!

An example of a wildly popular option is Zoom. Today, our web development team is going to explore what Zoom is, what its benefits are, how to integrate Zoom with a website, and what this integration can give you. Our web agency works with Drupal and WordPress, so our special focus will be on Zoom integration for websites built on these CMSs.

What is Zoom?

Zoom Meetings is a cloud-based video conferencing solution. It has a desktop version and a mobile app, which makes it available to use from all kinds of devices. Zoom has 300 million daily meeting participants — the number has jumped 30 times compared to December 2019.

Free video conferencing is available in the basic package where Zoom allows up to 100 participants in meetings up to 40 minutes at a time. With the pro version, minutes for group meetings become unlimited and more advanced features are added.

This tool is widely used by businesses to handle remote work, for webinars, conferences, meetings, and so much more, as well as for people who want to stay close with their friends and family.

“Zoom” is one of the most well-known words for remote office workers (although many have only learned it during the quarantine). It has already become a byword for video meetings and inspired a wide array of online memes.

Memes about Zoom meetings

What are some features and benefits of Zoom?

The explanation of the tool’s wild popularity is some of its nice features and benefits. Among them:

  • numerous formats (meetings, conference rooms, video webinars, cloud phone system, and chat)
  • collaboration options (screen sharing, annotations, video recording)
  • personal meeting IDs for the meeting host to share among the participants and allow them in
  • instant or scheduled meetings
  • full-screen or gallery view of all participants
  • dynamic voice detection
  • ease-of-use and intuitiveness
  • high quality video and audio
  • unlimited one-on-one meetings
  • and much more

Why integrate Zoom Meetings into a website

It’s pretty clear what the features and benefits of Zoom are, but should you put Zoom on your website? This idea of embedding Zoom meetings into a website is gaining popularity among business owners. The integration is designed to increase the user-friendliness of video conferencing even further.

It is useful to embed Zoom into a website because your admins get extensive options for meeting creation and configuration, user management, and analytics directly from the admin dashboard.

Also, if you hold regular meetings or webinars, it is much more convenient for the participants to join it from your website instead of getting lost in the invitation links. Meetings presented in a single location look very well-organized. It’s also possible to join a meeting on your website without a Zoom app.

How to embed Zoom Meetings into a website

Zoom offers a SDK — a sample web application that can be embedded into your website using HTML5. Websites built with CMSs also have their own plugins for a seamless Zoom integration and configuration. Let’s see how things are with Zoom integration for Drupal and WordPress.

1. Plugins for Zoom integration with a WordPress website

Here are a few helpful WordPress plugins for Zoom embedding:

Video Conferencing with Zoom

The Video Conferencing with Zoom plugin allows you to manage meetings, users, and reports from your site’s admin dashboard. You can add a post as a meeting that will show on the meeting page. Then users will be able to join it with a click of a button.

Users don’t need a Zoom app — they can join a meeting directly from their browser. A CountDown timer, reports, and the option to show the meetings to logged-in users only are just some of the plugin's useful features.

Video Conferencing with Zoom - WordPress plugin for Zoom integrationVideo Conferencing with Zoom - WordPress plugin for Zoom integration

eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar

The eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar plugin enables direct integration with Zoom and enables you to manage meetings from the site’s dashboard. The plugin connects your site to the ultimate eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar service.

It provides the shortcode functionality for you to hold meetings on any page of your WordPress site. With this plugin, you can add and manage users. After the meetings, you can analyze them using the performance and engagement reports.

eRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar - WordPress plugin for Zoom integrationeRoom – Zoom Meetings & Webinar - WordPress plugin for Zoom integration

2. Modules for Zoom integration with a Drupal website

Zoom API

The Zoom API module in Drupal provides integration with the Zoom Video Conferencing Service with its meetings, webinars, conference rooms, phone system, and chat. It is a new, developer-focussed module in this area. It pairs with the Key module in managing Zoom credentials.

Zoom API - Drupal module for Zoom integration

Let our team take care of your Zoom integration

Catch up with the latest trends and increase the user-friendliness of your site and the productivity of your meetings or webinars. Our web company can easily embed Zoom meetings on a website. If the CMS plugin does not do everything you need, we will customize it.

By coming to this page, you are getting a solution that is twice as useful in the pandemic time of the pandemic. It’s not just video conferencing that is very relevant today — it's also a cost-effective integration.

Our web agency switched to a cost-saving model in our web development and support services. We strive to find the optimal solutions and do the work twice as fast. Try it!


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