Drupal 8 Themes for Media and Publishing Websites

Drupal 8 themes for news, press and media site

A news or media site should not only be informative, it should be convenient and attractive. After all, before users start reading the information you provide, they pay attention to the web design of your site. The design of your news site is the first thing users face.

Today the WishDesk web development agency will consider the most attractive Drupal 8 themes for news and the press sites.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help you and provide a free consultation. Do not forget that WishDesk agencies are highly efficient and perform your tasks twice as quickly and at a low-cost price.

Why You Should Choose Drupal 8 For News, Media And Publishing

Today, people prefer electronic media to the print press. That is why your site should be as attractive and user-friendly as possible so that your users will be interested in the news that you submit.

Why should your site be on the Drupal 8 platform?

Everything is simpler and it will ber able to reveal your website’s potential as Drupal is multifunctional.

Let's look at the reasons why you should choose Drupal 8 for your news or print site.

5 major reasons to choose Drupal 8 for your media or print site!

1. Convenient for creating publications

What is important for news sites and publishing?

You are right! The main thing is the speed and attractiveness of publishing news.

The news should appear almost as soon as it happens, and be well presented.

Drupal 8 has very convenient tools for working with content and a convenient control panel. It is multilingual and has the ability to schedule news releases. That is why Drupal 8 is the best choice for media and print sites.

2. Personalized content for each user

Drupal 8 helps the press and news site interact with their users. It offers people the type of content they are likely to be interested in. Drupal 8 also helps you analyze the most effective times when users read you and just then provide them with more information and various types of notifications.

3. Provides effective security

Security is the main component of any site. Not a single news or printed site wants to fail because of hacker attacks. That is why such sites choose Drupal 8.

There is a large community of Drupalists who work tirelessly every day to improve the level of Drupal website security. You can be sure of the safety of your sites.To make sure your site is secure, contact WishDesk website support. Our specialists will solve your problem quickly and at an attractive price.

4. Optimized for various gadgets

Modern people do almost everything from their phones. They listen to music, take photos and search for necessary information. Therefore, a prerequisite for the effectiveness of your press and media site is that it is optimized for various types of devices. Drupal offers a large number of responsive themes that will make your site as friendly as possible for mobile devices.

5. Integration with payment systems

Drupal is already integrated with various payment systems. Why is this an advantage for news and publishing sites? If your site is on Drupal, you readers can buy a subscription to your newspaper or news site. Isn't that perfect?

Best themes for Drupal 8 for news, press and media site


The Vinor theme is great for both press and media sites. It is a great combination of classic and super modern design.

The Vinor theme for Drupal 8 for press and media site

Features of the Vinor theme:

  • 5 home pagesmodern design
  • built on the basis of the Grid system.
  • 15 color themes
  • configured to optimize the site
  • optimized for various widgets
  • convenient and flexible admin panel
  • ability to publish text, pictures, videos
  • integrated with HTML5 / CSS3 / Bootstrap

Price: demo/paid $48


If you are looking for a stylish and clean theme then this is exactly what you need.

Vecas theme media website

Features of the Vecas theme:

  • 4 home pages
  • supports different formats of information
  • you can create forums, polls
  • lots of color skins
  • optimized for different devices
  • integrated with HTML5 / CSS3 / Bootstrap
  • users-friendly

Price: demo/paid $48


Besides the fact that this theme is very fashionable, it also gives you the opportunity to work with WYSIWYG. Isn't that perfect?

Waylard drupal theme media site

Features of the Waylard theme:

  • there are already ready-made blog layouts
  • you can change it using WYSIWYG
  • adaptive to devices
  • SEO optimized
  • built with bootstrap

Price: demo/paid $75


Looking for a discreet and fresh theme for a news site or maybe a press site? Pay attention to Magz.

Magz theme publishing website

Features of the Magz theme:

  • fresh and simple
  • HTML5
  • supports various types of content: text, video, slides
  • has 6 colors versions
  • adaptive for various devices
  • left menu navigation
  • Grid and list layouts

Price: demo/paid at $75


This theme is special because it can work with news / magazines with heavy content sites and large traffic.

 nex theme drupal media site

Features of the Nex theme:

  • classic and functional
  • publication of various types of content: video, audio, photo, and text
  • 6 color schemes
  • adaptive design
  • built-in jQuery plugins
  • webforms available
  • menu Superfish (you can add any number of columns of the main menu)
  • breadcrumb navigation

Price: demo/paid $79

Portal News

Portal news is a multi-purpose magazine style Drupal 8 theme. It has many features that allow you to build a successful news or press Drupal site.

portal news drupal theme media website

Features of the Portal News theme:

  • refreshing multi-purpose theme
  • for news, magazine, or blog website
  • 20 built-in blocks
  • multiple page layouts
  • wide variety of color schemes
  • showcase gallery
  • detailed user guide to instal

Price: demo/paid $48


The MagBlog is one of the most latest Drupal 8 themes. Since it is fully integrated with Drupal 8, you can easily change backgrounds, images, and colors.

magz drupal theme publishing websites

Features of the MagBlog theme:

  • for various fields of activity (fashion blogs, news, sports, etc.)
  • ability to customize colors, backgrounds, and fonts effortlessly
  • 10 block content layouts
  • has three demos
  • the presence of more than 20 HTML files
  • optimized for various devices
  • suitable for various browser

Price: demo/paid $49

Global News

Are you looking for a suitable theme for a business, or maybe for sports or travel blog or cookery? This theme is suitable for everything!

global news drupal theme publishing websites

Features of the Global News theme:

  • seven various color schemes
  • the ability to arrange boxed or wide layout
  • 9 content types are available (Article, Basic page, Blog entry, Gallery, Panel, Maps, Poll, Video, Webform)
  • works on all devices
  • has social media plugins
  • place for advertisements

Price: demo/paid $48

WishDesk is the best choice for developing your news, press and media website

WishDesk web development team hopes that our list of top Drupal 8 themes for media and publishing websites comes in handy.

Of course, your text, news and the information you want to convey to people are important, but in order to attract people's attention you will have no more than 30 seconds otherwise, users will leave. As we said, website design is something that can help your media or publishing websites.

This is why you should update the theme on your press and media site. WishDesk will be happy to do Drupal building or customs faster than ever before and at a low-cost.


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