Top WordPress Database Plugins for 2020

Best WordPress Database Plugins for Managing Your Site's Data

The WordPress database plugin is a bit like cleaning a house.

A website is a collection of its database. For example, the database could  consist of comments, user information, message history, and more.

In order for your site not to clog up and not freeze, you should clean it from time to time. But it is important to delete only unimportant elements, without which the site will work normally.

WordPress Database Plugin is a handy solution for this.

Therefore, today, Wishdesk development agency will talk about the importance of a WordPress database plugin and offer you the top plugins for this.

Why is WordPress Database Plugin Important?

In short, a database is everything that you upload to a site. In order to avoid cluttering the site, you need to use WordPress database plugins. Even if you are already using a plugin, we will try to suggest some better alternatives.

  • What can happen to an e-commerce site?

If you are an e-commerce site, then not having a database plugin can lead to the loss of information about your customers, and therefore the loss of the customers themselves.

  • What can happen to a blogging website

If you are a blogging website, the lack of a database plugin can result in losing information.

In short, the absence of the database plugin can cause irreparable consequences for any type of site.

Top 6 benefits of WordPress Database Plugins

  1. deletes unnecessary data
  2. speeds up the loading of your site
  3. finds a place for new databases
  4. automatically verifies all actions and saves you time
  5. improves the site's performance
  6. makes a backup of your data

List of Top 12 WordPress Database Plugins

  • WP-Optimize 
  • UpdraftPlus
  • VaultPress
  • WP-Sweep
  • Clean Up Optimizer
  • WP-DBManager
  • WP Database Reset
  • WP Database Backup
  • Participants Database
  • Advanced Database Cleaner
  • WP Reset

Keep reading to discover the top WordPress Database Plugins. We have selected the best and most functional plugins so that you can save time when selecting one. Below we take a look at the list of plugins, their prices, features, and more. Let's begin!

1. WP-Optimize 

WP-Optimize is a plugin that does everything to keep your site fast and easy to use.


The total number of installations: more than 900,000

Key features of WP-Optimize:

  • cleans up the database on your site
  • reduces the size of the images on your site
  • works with cached files
  • provides detailed information about the site's memory state
  • performs cleaning automatically
  • allows you to set the frequency of automatic cleanings (e.g. daily, weekly, etc.)
  • removes spam
  • has a minification feature
  • includes an option to optimize individual data

Price: free / starts at $39.00 / year 

2. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is the most widespread plugin for working with databases, backup, caching, and other convenient functions.



The total number of installations:  more than 3 million

Key features of UpdraftPlus:

  • backs up databases
  • allows you to schedule backups
  • can store data directly in cloud storage GDrive, Dropbox, Amazon
  • multi-network compatible
  • does not affect the speed of your site
  • encrypts database information
  • provides full reporting
  • supports WP-CLI

Price: free / starts at $70.00 / year

3. VaultPress

VaultPress is easy to use a plugin for data backup and site security. It features a real-time backup.


The total number of installations: more than 70,000

Key features of VaultPress: 

  • scans and checks files for safety
  • makes backups and restores data
  • antispam provider
  • does database cleanupworks in real-time
  • automatic backup
  • protects the site from hackers and suspicious programs
  • fast backup of your site after loss

Price: starts at $3 / month

4. BackWPup

BackWPup is a fairly professional and user-friendly tool for working with Database.


The total number of installations: more than 600,000

Key features of BackWPup:

  • backup in various tar, tar, gz, zip formats
  • can store data on the FTP server
  • flexible managementbackup data can be sent by mail
  • XML Export available
  • database management
  • does file backups

Price: free / starts at $69

5. WP-Sweep

WP-Sweep is perhaps the only plugin that doesn't require coding skills at all.


The total number of installations: more than 100,000

Key features of WP-Sweep: 

  • cleans spam comments
  • optimizes database
  • adjusts the metadata of your site
  • finds duplicate content
  • deletes published information
  • is user-friendly

Price: free

6. Clean Up Optimizer

Clean Up Optimizer was created in order to remove unnecessary data from your site's database and thereby speed up its responsiveness and loading speed.

Clean Up Optimizer

The total number of installations: more than 5,000

Key features of Clean Up Optimizer: 

  • cleans up old database data
  • recovers old data
  • speeds up the site
  • looks for unnecessary data on your site and offers to delete it
  • generates a data log
  • makes sure that there is no spam
  • configure it  for automatic or manual cleaning 

Price: free / starts at €29.99 / year

7. WP-DBManager

WP-DBManager is a plugin that is completely dedicated to working with your database.


The total number of installations: more than 100,000

Key features of WP-DBManager: 

  • optimizes your database
  • creates a menu on your Dashboard
  • automatic or mechanical backup settings
  • allows you to upload a backup
  • provides direct access to SQL
  • restores files

Price: free / you can donate

8. WP Database Reset

WP Database Reset is considered a development tool for non-devs who are  working with databases and backups.

WP Database Reset

The total number of installations: more than 80,000

Key features of WP Database Reset:

  • is lightweight for your site
  • removes both individual parts and the whole element
  • resets the database settings to their original state
  • works fast
  • makes automatic snapshots before making changes
  • safe data storage in one of the cloud options

Price: free / starts at $39 / year

9. WP Database Backup

WP Database Backup exists to help you backup your data and to restore the data you need.

WP Database Backup

The total number of installations: more than 60,000

Key features of WP Database Backup:

  • creates backups
  • recovers data
  • notifies you about work by email
  • plans backup
  • saves data to computer or cloud storage
  • has a database search
  • you can sort the database

Price: free / starts at $22

10. Participants Database

Participants Database has a convenient control panel and can back up files of any format.

Participants Database

The total number of installations: more than 10,000

Key features of the Participants Database: 

  • creates databases
  • allows easy database management
  • data sorting and filtering available
  • multilingual plugin
  • creates forms for collecting user data
  • saves all data as a table
  • email reporting

Price: free 

11. Advanced Database Cleaner

Advanced Database Cleaner focuses on tidying up your database. That is, it removes unnecessary files that overload your server.

Advanced Database Cleaner

The total number of installations: more than 50,000

Key features of Advanced Database Cleaner: 

  • removes unnecessary files from the database
  • allows you to customize the view of individual properties
  • runs in the background
  • has the function of automatically cleaning databases and tables
  • shows information about data before deleting
  • works on database optimization

Price: free / starts at $39

12. WP Reset

WP Reset scans your database,detects files can be deleted and prompts you to do so. Only after approval will they be deleted.

WP Reset

The total number of installations: more than 200,000

Key features of WP Reset:

  • clear unnecessary data in your databases
  • scans all files, comments, tables
  • quickly deletes the data
  • understandable for beginners
  • allows you to reset the databases to factory settings
  • easy to use

Price: free / starts at $39 / year

Which Is the Best WordPress Database Plugin?

WordPress Database plugins impact your entire website. These plugins work to speed up the responsiveness of your site and meet your users' needs.

We have collected the best, latest, and most common plugins so that you can pick something from the list that best suits your needs.The Wishdesk web development agency is always on the alert to help you. Contact us if you need help with installation or plugin creation.


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