Why a WordPress Maintenance is Important

Why WordPress Maintenance is Important?

At last, the long and complicated process of WordPress website development is over. It seems that you can finally have a rest and enjoy numerous conversions and business success, as the site will work on its own. However, any platform would pile up with bugs, errors and irrelevant content if left without proper attention. Here is where WordPress website maintenance enters the stage.

Every site needs further support and updates. Our team at WishDesk explains why WordPress maintenance is important to any website.

What is WordPress website maintenance?

Website maintenance is a process of regular updates, checkups, and continuous improvement. With the help of WordPress website maintenance services, you can be sure that your platform is always up and running.

Check out our WordPress maintenance checklist

Reasons Why WordPress Maintenance Is Important

  • Constant support and updates

WordPress core, plugins, and themes updates appear regularly. They not only introduce new features and improvements, but also provide bug fixes and increase the level of WordPress website security. With WordPress website maintenance, you can be sure that all your platform is always up-to-date, as a team of WordPress specialists will monitor all new features and update the website immediately.

  • Increased level of website security

As we have mentioned above, outdated websites lack security and are wide open for hacker attacks. You might think that cybercriminals would never target your platform. In reality, special hacking automated tools crawl the web in search of unsecured sites with any vulnerabilities to infect them with malicious code. Each outdated theme or plugin is a potential opportunity to get hacked. A hacked site can cost your business a lot of money.

Timely updates prevent your website from being compromised. Let a team of professionals monitor and update your platform to increase its security. Read this guide on how to recover a hacked WordPress website.

  • 24/7 website monitoring

Errors both on your side and the server side might appear at any time. Whether for a few days or a few minutes, the inaccessible website will affect your business dramatically. Having a WordPress maintenance team on board is a solution. They will not only monitor your site 24/7 but also get it back online as soon as possible.  

  • WordPress website backups

Unfortunately, your site can crash either from a server error or broken code. That’s why it is crucial to do WordPress website backups regularly. With a maintenance plan, you can be always sure that the support team backs up your platform every day so all of your valuable content will be restored in case something bad happens. 

  • High level of WordPress website performance

Website loading speed is crucial for user satisfaction and business success. Google and other search engines rank sites lower if they are too slow. A team of WordPress specialists will take care of your website performance and do everything possible to speed it up and make it accessible 100% of the time.  

  • Additional Advantages of WordPress Website Maintenance

  1. search engine optimization
  2. analytics
  3. database optimization
  4. comment moderation
  5. cost-effective fixing
  6. proper hosting
why is wordpress website maintenance important


Hire professionals to maintain your WordPress website!

Now you know why WordPress maintenance is important. It is high time to choose a reliable web support team to take care of your platform. Our dedicated WordPress developers offer high-quality WordPress maintenance services. Contact us today to choose your service plan and keep your WordPress website updated and well-optimized.


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