Reasons Why Drupal Maintenance & Support is Crucial for Security & Stability

The importance of Drupal maintenance & support for website security & stability

A Drupal website is a needed for a profitable business, but it is not enough just to develop and launch it. You should constantly care for it, check whether everything works properly and be ready to make some improvements.

It goes without saying that Drupal website maintenance and support is essential. Any site requires it to be successful. Without appropriate website maintenance and support you may lose visitors, including potential clients or customers. Preferably, it should be run not by a freelancer but a web development company.

But let’s look at why it is crucial for security and stability issues. Here are some reasons.

Why Drupal Maintenance & Support is important for Security

Drupal is the most secure CMS. Everything possible was done to minimize security risks and make Drupal a reliable CMF. One of the reasons for that is the constant Drupal core updates that improve site security. There is no need to explain the significance of having your site protected and how to do it. It is obvious why you should invest in cybersecurity, as a hacked site can cost your business a lot.

  • Protection from cyber attacks

Drupal Maintenance includes protection against cyber attacks. They are considered to be the main threats to site security. Why is this phenomenon so dangerous? Your website could be revealed, changed or destroyed. Swindlers can steal personal data, post unacceptable content or redirect users. Not something you want to deal with, right?

So, what to do to prevent this scenario?  The main thing is to encrypt your data. Moreover, you should update the versions of the modules and the core. Regular inspection of the performance and security vulnerabilities may also benefit your site. Also, you can check whether your site is hacked.

  • Virus protection

How can your site be affected by viruses? First of all, it may be because of a weak password for the admin panel. Furthermore, using a cheap hosting support service is dangerous. While downloading modules and plugins from doubtful sites, you may get your site infected. A lack of regular updates and using an old version of the CMS is a loophole for viruses too.

The way out? Regular website updates and audit — that is what the Wishdesk Drupal Maintenance and Support team does!

  • Backup

What is backup? It is a great way of protecting your data in case of a server crash or hacker attack. The backup not only saves databases but also keep copies of articles, pages, media files, etc. on a daily basis. Though it is considered to be a basic safety measure, many site owners still neglect it.

Why Drupal Maintenance & Support is important for Stability

Don’t lose your conversion because of bugs or low site loading speed. The stability of the site is crucial because when your site does not work properly, you lose audience and, as a result, your money.

  • Bug fixes

Even minor errors may spoil a general overview of your site. Correct functioning is vital. The first and the most important thing is to check your site uptime. Appreciate your users — don’t let faults destroy your reputation!

How to get rid of bugs and errors? Review your code, or, even better, entrust it to our Wishdesk professionals!

  • Site recovery

Imagine you’ve accidentally deleted your public html folder and you don’t know what to do. In this case, you need Drupal Maintenance & Support. Even if you didn’t manage to restore your data through a provider, we can try to find ways to fix it.

For instance, if you have our maintenance and support services, it is likely that our developers still keep your site’s backups locally.

  • Work of the server

Many components of site success depend on how your server works. Constant downtime or high response time, for example, may halt site conversion and discourage your users visit it.

In order to prevent server crash or just to improve its work site maintenance and support is needed. Server status monitoring, connection checking and running ping tests is a nostrum our services can provide you with.

To conclude, having your Drupal site maintained and supported is a huge advantage. Have this work be done by a reliable Drupal team that will find & fix all the flaws and improve your site security.


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