WordPress Plugins for Selling Digital Products

Best WordPress plugins for selling digital products

The era of the Internet has opened up great opportunities for all areas of our lives, including eCommerce. Today Wishdesk agency is not talking about physical products, but about digital ones — and highlighting the top WordPress plugins for selling digital products.

Our blog will be useful to those who do not dare to launch the sale of digital products or do not know how to do it. For more help and information, contact the web developers at WishDesk.

What are digital products?

Before moving on to our pick of the best WordPress plugins for selling digital products, let's understand what digital products are. 

A digital product is a product that does not have a physical form and can be sold over the Internet. For example, a digital product may be an e-book or a program. You cannot touch it or bite off a piece.

What kind of digital products sell best?

After the digital marketing strategy updates in 2020, it became possible to sell everything. If earlier it was possible to sell electronic books, for example, then quarantine proved the opposite. 

Now, people buy online instrument lessons, painting and sewing lessons, and everything else that you can only imagine. Even Christina Aguilera sold her own singing lessons. 

There are no restrictions when it comes to digital products that can be sold.

The most profitable digital products to sell online

  1. Online courses (online singing and dancing lessons, instrument playing lessons, makeup lessons, etc.)
  2. Digital assets (your own photos, videos, music, software)
  3. Subscription for digital products (different types of paid content)
  4. Digital tools (software, mockup, electronic reference materials, slide presentation software)
  5. Art products (songs, paintings, sculpture)
  6. Expertise (paid consultation from the different subject)
  7. eBooks (still are popular)
  8. Professional services (coaching)
  9. Apps (apps for smartphones)
  10. Research and data (statistics, researches)

10 WordPress Plugins to Sell Digital Downloads

1. WordPress iSell

The main task of the WordPress iSell plugin is to safely sell your digital products, for example, video, PDF formats, and others. Links are encrypted and would be available after payment through PayPal.

WordPress iSell

The main features:

  • has PayPal integration
  • allows you to sell various digital goods
  • encrypts links to digital products
  • automatically sends a link to the goods after payment
  • allows you to upload large file sizes
  • has a clear interface
  • you can add a "buy" button

Price: free

2. Paid Downloads Pro

Paid Downloads Pro allows you to sell any digital product simply and quickly. The plugin gives you access to your digital products through an encrypted link. The link can be paid using various payment systems.

Paid Downloads Pro

The main features:

  • automatically sends encryption link for information access
  • integrated with various gateways (PayPal, EgoPay, Payza, Skrill, and others)
  • deactivates download links after a certain time
  • supports X-Sendfile mode
  • quick install
  • is multilingual

Price: $21

3. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a convenient eCommerce platform for selling digital goods.The most important features are the ability to simultaneously download multiple digital files. In addition, you can see the full history of the downloads of your files.

Easy Digital Downloads

The main features:

  • sells products directly from the blog
  • has a basket for storage of purchases
  • you can create discount coupons
  • integrated with PayPal, Amazon, and Stripe
  • allows you to see the purchase history
  • automatically creates sales statistics
  • allows you to sort sales data

Price: free / at $99

4. Dokan

Dokan is a WordPress plugin that helps sell digital products not only to you but also to other people from a single place. This plugin allows you not only to create a place for sale, but also to create a multifunctional store in which other sellers can be. It is like your own eBay. Sell ​​yours and get commissions from others.


The main features:

  • creates a multi-vendor marketplace
  • allows you to receive a commission on the sales of other sellers who have joined your marketplace
  • creates sales reports
  • coupon creation available
  • makes it easy to manage sales, orders, discounts
  • gives opportunities to manage payment

Price: free / at $112

5. PayPal for Digital Goods

PayPal for Digital Goods allows you to quickly receive funds for digital goods sold via PayPal. The plugin works as follows, buyers click the buy button and the plugin automatically sends a download link to their mail. It is possible to use discount coupons.

PayPal for Digital Goods

The main features:

  • allows you to create the function "buy now"
  • uses popups for instant payment
  • digital product sent after payment
  • allows you to sell any type of digital goods
  • displays transactions on the admin panel

Price: free

6. Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is a plugin that helps you organize the sale of private courses. The plugin is considered quite new, but it is already successful. Its main advantages are a simple interface and ease of use. With the help of this, you can sell your own courses safely and quickly.

Tutor LMS

The main features:

  • driven by drag-and-drop
  • you can create many features
  • attaches various file types
  • generates reports about your activity
  • different ways to pay for courses
  • FAQ section available
  • integrates with Gutenberg

Price: free / $149

7. WordPress Download Manager

WordPress Download Manager is considered one of the most convenient platforms for managing your digital files. The plugin allows you to well manage the actions of users and bots regarding the download of your files. Purchases are made through the basket, which is very convenient for users.

WordPress Download Manager

The main features: 

  • makes it possible to protect your files with a password
  • analysis download history
  • sets download permissions for different types of users
  • integrated with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box.com
  • allows you to customize captcha
  • adds a shortcode for a discount
  • controls access permissions
  • changes the speed of downloading files depending on your desires
  • creates detailed download statistics
  • has bots lock settings

Price: free / $59

8. MemberPress

MemberPress plugin allows you to control access to your digital products based on membership and subscriptions. It is considered an all-in-one plugin. This plugin is intended for use by non-technical users).


The main features: 

  • provides subscription access
  • installs very easily
  • integrates with BBPress and other forum plugins
  • allows you to add and configure discount coupons
  • provides the highest level of security for your digital files
  • you can control the settings of the pages
  • compatible with all themes

Price: $149

9. Selz

Selz is a great helper for selling both physical, digital goods and services. A great feature of this plugin is that it compares with any WordPress theme. This plugin is well suited for those who already have a website and want to start selling digital products on it, and for those who want to create an eCommerce store from scratch.


The main features: 

  • allows you to customize the buy button
  • edits without coding
  • compatible with all themes
  • manages the advertising and promotions
  • integrates with various types of payments
  • has SSL certificate
  • has a basket
  • is mobile-friendly

Price: free / $29

10. Premium Packages

Premium Packages helps you easily sell your digital products and at the same time keep your website light. It is integrated with the PayPal payment system. The most important is the function of calculating Tax, which allows you to configure a different amount of taxes depending on the region.

Premium Packages

The main features: 

  • allows you to set prices for products
  • integrated with PayPal
  • makes report of your sale
  • generates report in the form of charts and diagrams
  • has a manual mobile application
  • allows you to manage coupons
  • gives you the opportunity to configure the "pay what you want" function
  • has a basket in which goods are stored
  • has "Automatic Order Renew" and "Automatic Order Expiration"
  • allows you to set up different taxes

Price: free / $59

Final thoughts

WordPress plugins for selling digital products is a great opportunity to make it really your ideas for selling digital products. We hope that our pick of top plugins for selling digital products will help you.

Wishdesk can help you choose, install them, or otherwise adjust it to your specific case. The digital agency is focused on long-term cooperation, so we fulfill your goal twice as fast, by splitting your tasks into smaller parts.


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