Web development for nonprofits and charities

Web development for nonprofits: Top 9 Tips

Web development for nonprofits and charities is primarily about encouraging users to donate. Site development will assist in attracting the attention of new and old donors.

If you have an inspiring idea for a new nonprofits site, or if you want to breathe new life into an existing charity site, then a blog will be useful for you.

Today our dedicated developers discuss nonprofit web development, how to make a good nonprofit website, and how much a nonprofit website costs.

What makes a good nonprofit website?

Sometimes people come to your site inspired to donate, but after they see your site, they just leave it. This occurs most often when the site doesn't live up to their expectations, has an unattractive design, and provides a poor user experience. Correct it.

A good nonprofit website is visible from afar. Such a site has good UX, which makes it easy to donate and to find all the information.

For more than ten years of experience, we have had many cases of web development for nonprofits sites and concluded that nonprofit's websites need development if they want to attract significant investments.

We have had many years to understand and confirm this simple truth. Just start improving your nonprofit site today.

Best nonprofit websites

Just take a look at what cool nonprofits and charity sites already exist!

  1. Charity: water
  2. World Wildlife Fund
  3. The hope container
  4. Hashtag Lunchbag
  5. Habitat For Humanity
Best nonprofit websites 2021

How do you make your site be as famous and successful?

Read on for some important steps to improve it.

How do you create a nonprofit or charity website?

The success or failure of your nonprofit or charity organization depends on how you communicate your message. This applies to both your message and the site you share it on.

Wishdesk developers share everything you need to know about web development for nonprofits sites.

Must-have elements of a non-profit website

Let's take a look at the most essential elements for a nonprofit website:

  1. mission and vision
  2. what you do and why
  3. donate button
  4. blog section
  5. the results of your activity
  6. сontact information
  7. CTA
Must-have elements of a non-profit website

Web development for nonprofits: 9 tips

We think that it is superfluous to emphasize that, first of all, and even before the start of website development for nonprofits, you should have an idea. It all starts with a powerful idea and faith in what you are about to do. After that, you can begin the process of web development for the future nonprofit site.

1. Choose a web development company

No matter how much you would like to develop a nonprofits site yourself, you will not be able to do it as efficiently as a professional. It requires knowledge and experience and a sense of web development for nonprofits to get everything right. If you are looking for a dedicated team, pay attention to their experience of working with nonprofits and charity sites, and look for reviews about them.

2. Use suitable CMS

An ideal CMS is powerful and convenient enough for potential donors and allows you to manage the site. The developers at the Wishdesk would advise you to use WordPress or Drupal to create and develop this type of site. Both Drupal and WordPress are used by hundreds of nonprofits.They both have out-of-the-box functionalities, are scalable, and help organize complex sites.

3. Tell your organization’s story

Submit your unique organization's story to educate all site visitors about your mission and what you do. Use images and video content to communicate better. This will work well for maintaining trust between you and your visitors.

4. Design your website 

Like improving your organization from the inside daily, you should invest in a responsive web design from the outside. The design of your site and its web color schemes should contribute to the formation of the final image.

The creation of a website prototype and mockup will give you a chance to take into account all your wishes and get the final product that will look exactly as you envisioned it. 

5. Invest in UX

User Experience helps your visitors to have a pleasant experience while using your website. Simply put, users quickly get to and do what they want on your site. Make sure your nonprofit's site is easy to navigate. It will reward you with increased donations and low bounce rates, which is why ux design matters.

6. Add an online donation form

A donation page and online donation form are the main parts of your nonprofit's website. They are the center of the site and implement the primary goal, so use maximum strength in their development.

Create them so that people from any part of the world can easily donate, and consider adding a quick donation option.

P.S add several mobile payment systems so that users do not have a chance to find an excuse not to donate.

7. Optimize the load time

Optimizing and reducing the loading time of your nonprofits and charity site is another web development tip for nonprofits. This is useful to do as load time is important for both common users and search engines. It allows your site to load in a matter of seconds.

8. Make your website mobile-responsive

Today all people are in a hurry and are constantly on the move, so their primary device is the phone. Expect more of your potential donors to use them to view your site. Optimize your site for mobile to provide everyone with the opportunity to donate funds and support your project.

9. Go MVP

Last but not least on this list, start with the Minimum Viable Product. MVP allows you to create a website very quickly, but with a minimal list of features and a simple design. This is useful if you have a limited budget and short time to raise funds. Subsequently, you can gradually add new features and develop it. 

How much does a nonprofit website cost?

To create and develop nonprofit website costs — well, no one knows how much until all project details have been discussed. Anyone who says they know is lying. When you start repairs, no one can name the exact amount of how much it will cost. Generally speaking, the cost of web development for nonprofits = functionality added to it + hosting.

Web development for charities should focus on simplicity and ease of use for users from all corners of the planet. And one more important point! It is worth choosing a reliable and professional web development company that will hear you.


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