WishDesk web agency mission, vision and values

WishDesk web agency mission, vision and values

Everyone needs a goal in life. A web agency is no different. To be a successful and effective web agency, it should have its own mission, vision, and values.

The WishDesk service exists in order to support your projects on various technologies. We offer a comprehensive service that can cover the entire process of change from web development to support and maintenance.

The mission of our agency generally determines our existence. Our mission is to deliver effective web products that give our customers a competitive advantage through design and functionality. 

We do not want to become the best and successful — we want our customers to be, and that’s what is most important for us. Today, our website development and support agency tells you about us, who we are, and what we are working towards.

WishDesk agency values

WishDesk is a reliable partner who strives to take care of the comfort of both customers and our employees. We consider this our core value.

Our strength is that we take sites with code of different quality and complexity in our work and perform even the smallest tasks.

Top values of WishDesk:

  • long-term relationships

WishDesk wants to build long-term relationships with our customers, therefore we strive to fulfill the work entrusted to us as best as possible.

  • value each of our employees

We value each of our employees and encourage their development — as a result you get the best professionals in their field who strive to do their job at the highest level.

  • we stand by our words

We always fulfill what we promised to the client. We are not afraid to take responsibility and do what is necessary.

  • getting better every day

Our staff is a team that improves daily. As Ken Blanchard said, "None of us is as smart as all of us."

  • solve the problem quickly

We do not put off to tomorrow what we can do today. WishDesk does not like to drag out problems to the point where you say "it should have been done yesterday."

What services does WishDesk provide?

Our main goal is to create functional websites on Drupal and WordPress CMS. It's very convenient because these CMS are the most flexible and provide the maximum opportunities for creating convenient sites for both owners and users. 

What services does WishDesk provide?

We know how to improve website performance and meet our customer expectations. We provide a wide range of services, here are just some of them:

  • Web development
  • Drupal Support
  • WordPress support
  • DevOps service
  • Modules development and integration 
  • Outsource web development

Below we will consider each service in more detail.

Drupal Support at WishDesk

We provide all kinds of Drupal website maintenance and support services. Some of them we describe below:

1. Upgrade & migration

Updating the site to a new version allows you to open new site features, that is, makes it more productive and secure. After updating the site it will work twice as good. Migration should be done when something does not suit you and you want to switch to another CMS. 

2. New features for your new ideas

New features are what distinguish you from your competitors and help improve the performance of your site and business. By introducing new features you increase the usability of your site. 

3. Website audit & optimization

Website audit helps you understand the real situation of your site performance. This is very useful as after a professional audit, you'll understand the problem side of your site and can fix it.

4. Bug fixes and site recovery

Bug fixes and site recovery is done when your site is broken or you need to restore the database or any other problems arise. Bugs can harm your site, so even the smallest bugs need to be fixed quickly.

Web development

WishDesk web development team is ready to realize all your ideas for developing your site. We can create a modern new site for your business, or help you breathe new life into an existing one.

1. Website hosting & support

One of the important processes is the selection and optimization of hosting servers for the needs of your site. Reliable hosting for a site is like a solid foundation for a home.

2. Building a Website from scratch

Having only the idea of ​​something is not enough. Create a website for it to develop your business. This will expand the boundaries and increase the potential audience.

3. API integration

The API helps you expand your capabilities and introduce some new technologies on your site.  It's like a necklace with beads —the more beads there are, the more attractive your jewelry will be.

4. Quality assurance testing

In order to be sure that all the new or old features are working correctly on your site, you need to do QA testing.  It is able to identify problems in the work process and therefore avoid the worst issues.

WordPress support 

We provide all kinds of WordPress website maintenance & support services such as:

1. WordPress Update Services

If your WordPress is not updated, then it becomes less secure and stable. The site will not work at the high level at which it should be operating without updates. This can not only lead to poor user experience but can negatively affect search engine rankings.

2. Performance, SEO & other optimization

WordPress site is multifunctional, but to increase the position of the site in the search engine results you need to do SEO / performance optimization. This will allow you to follow the trends and satisfy the user experience.

3. Migrating websites to WordPress

It often happens that the current CMC does not suit customers' expectations because of the price, limited functions, etc. If your CMC is not suitable for any reason, then it is better to migrate the site to WordPress.

DevOps service

DevOps is an important service that integrates and delivers automated processes, monitoring of websites, infrastructure management, consulting, and more. This is important as proper hosting settings influence good performance, fast page load, hassle-free operation, and more.

1. DevOps consulting

Before you make any changes to your site, you need to find out what is worth changing to get the most out of it. Consulting helps to act exactly where it is necessary, which allows you not to spend the extra money and launch your site faster.

2. Continuous integration & delivery

Continuous integration and Continuous delivery mean the process of regular, automatic testing, building, and subsequent release of your software. It is recommended that you integrate as it increases the reliability of the process and reduces the risk of human error.

3. Configuration management

Configuration management is essential for your system to work, automates synchronization, and reduces cyber risk. It is a recorded history of changes and system settings. This is very convenient, as it gives access to all changes and an understanding of where the mistake was made. Configuration management helps to maintain a product's performance and product functionality.

4. Uptime monitoring

Most site managers rely on their hosting company to notify webmasters if the site is down. It often happens that the site does not work, but the hosting provider does not report this. Website downtime can be very expensive in terms of your income, brand reputation, and search engine visibility, so you need to constantly monitor the site productivity.

Modules and plugins development

To make your site work in the right way develop your site through the right modules. The service is aimed at maintaining a product's performance, product functionality.

1. Extending of the existing modules and plugins

Business is growing, and over time it happens that the functionality of existing modules is no longer enough. Therefore, modules need to be supplemented with new features. It is important to do this carefully so that new changes work normally and do not harm what is already done. 

2. Creation of a new modules and plugins from scratch

There are times when you need to create a new module or plugin. This happens if the contributing modules are not suitable and cannot satisfy your requirements. They will have some new impressive features for websites like better multilingual capabilities, higher speed, and more.

3. Upgrading your modules/plugins for latest versions

To be the best, you need to follow the trends. In order for your website to keep going like clockwork, you should update the system modules. If you do not, then you endanger not only the proper operation of the site but also its safety.

4. Support & consulting

Measure twice, cut once! In order not to make bad changes, it is better to consult and find out all questions on the implementation of new modules and other questions related to it.

Upgrade & migration services 

Time to upgrade! Your website deserves to be up-to-date and well-protected, with all the freshest features for you.

1. Upgrade from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

Drupal 9 is already released, and all site owners on Drupal 7 are advised to switch to Drupal 8

2. Updates between minor versions

Minor updates within the same major release version (e.g., Drupal 8.7 to 8.8) can also be helpful for productivity of your site. 

3. Upgrade to Drupal 9

Drupal 9 has arrived. It should be an even better version of Drupal 8, with more and more beneficial features. So why don't you try it? Especially if the updating from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 promises to be very smooth.

4. WordPress Updates

The main reason to update WordPress is the security of your site. Sometimes security vulnerabilities are fixed by new updates of WordPress. If you do not do updates, the site will be more accessible to hackers, and this can cause great harm to your website safety.

Outsource web development

If you need, you can hire well-balanced, experienced, and scalable dedicated web development experts to handle your Drupal or WordPress project delivery. 

1. Hire a web team

Hiring a web team is the ability to choose the team you want. This is convenient because you do not need to worry about various details, for example, about the office for the team, etc. Web developers will work remotely. You just have to set the task and then get the finished result.

2. Hire UX/UI designer

Outsourcing of UX / UI designers allows you to choose the best designers regardless of where they are in the world, create a responsive web design, and realize all your ideas regarding the design of your website.

We don't need to be the best, we want our customer to become the best!

We don't need to be the best, we want our customer to become the best


We love working with people who know that they want to not just carry on, but to be one of the best.

In this case, we know for sure that either Drupal or WordPress will suit them, because these CMSs are very flexible and multifunctional. We literally can sculpt and create any site with their help, and therefore satisfy even the craziest needs and whims.

You know, actions speak louder than words — we certainly hold this view.

Therefore, instead of praising ourselves here, we will simply show you our projects and feedback from our customers. Our portfolio speaks for us.

We have some cases in our experience when we took unfinished Drupal and WordPress projects that have been started by other agencies. After receiving the final result from us, our clients tell us that they feel a huge difference between their previous experience and cooperation with us. Of course, we are pleased to hear this.

WishDesk switched to high-efficiency service

People are always afraid of the new, but change is what drives the world. Changes either drive a person into stagnation or raise them to new heights.
WishDesk chose the second path. 

We decided that we should revise our terms of cooperation with our customers, so that you can get the most benefits from working with us.

How we are working?

How we are working?
  • As soon as we receive tasks from you, we will immediately divide it into building and custom. Such a maneuver helps us to split work in order to see clear tasks.
  • Then we can do the tasks twice as fast as before. We are sure that you will feel the difference! 
  • Accordingly, since we have reduced the time to complete your tasks, you can save money and spend it on something else.

Final thoughts 

Mission, vision and value of WishDesk affects the whole process of cooperation and development of our agency.

We started as a Drupal development company — Internetdevels. Then we’ve decided that it would be great not only to build sites but maintain them as well. This is how Drudesk — Drupal support on-demand — appeared. We keep growing, broadening the range of our offerings. We have now coalesced into WishDesk. 

Yes, WishDesk can develop everything because we are a team of 120+ experienced, passionate, high-efficiency, devoted, and full-stack web development experts.

We are open to new ideas and new partnerships, just contact Us.

Our WishDesk team employs real experts who are good at their job and do it responsibly, quickly, and at affordable prices.


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